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The Click Five Interview

Dec 27, 2006

By: Sindy

They've just released their debut album, but they've already toured with big names like Jesse McCartney, Ashlee Simpson and The Backstreet Boys. Sindy had a chance to sit down with Eric Dill of The Click Five. Find out what he had to say about making it big, crazy fans and the girl of his dreams!

Sindy: Hey! Congrats on the new album. How was the recording process for you guys? Was it what you expected?
The Click Five: Umm, yeah it was. We did that in Boston at a studio called Q Division. The process can be long sometimes, short others - it all depends on what you're working on. But it all went pretty smooth.

Sindy: Have you recorded an album before?
The Click Five: I had done a recording before for myself, but not for an album. Nothing on this scale.

Sindy: You guys have just started to tour with The Backstreet Boys - how's that going?
The Click Five: That's going really well - they're really nice guys. It's so exciting to be around them because they are so huge, you know? They've seen so much success so to be around them and to be a part of this with them is really exciting.

Sindy: Do you guys ever hang out together after a show?
The Click Five: Sometimes, yeah. In Atlantic City we hung out with them, we just walked around and had a good time. That was probably the most we'd hung out with them. Generally before a show we'll see them and just tell them to have a good show, so there is some interaction.

Sindy: Cool. So, who is your favorite artist that you've toured with is?
The Click Five: Hmmm, that's hard to say. But it's somewhere between Ashlee Simpson, Jesse McCartney and The Backstreet Boys. I would say they're all about the same level.

Sindy: Is there one of those artists in particular that has a more accepting crowd/fanbase?
The Click Five: I would say it's about equal. I would say Ashlee's crowd though was pretty crazy and fanatical. So, I might give them a little bit of a lead there on that.

Sindy: If you could tour with anyone, past or present, who would you choose?
The Click Five: As a whole band, I would say KISS.

Sindy: I read that you actually got the opportunity to write a song with Paul Stanley - how did that come about?
The Click Five: Yeah, well Paul got involved with us pretty early on. He took a lot of interest in us after seeing a live show in Boston. Our road manager managed them in the '80s and that was the connection there. They became friends so our manager kind of told him about us and he came out to see us. It was just this really cool union and to have him get excited about us and want to help us was really cool.

Sindy: That's cool. Do you have a favorite KISS song?
The Click Five: Yes. I Love it Loud. That's a good song.

Sindy: Do you prefer to record or tour?
The Click Five: Tour, because you get out and you get experience and you interact with fans and that's definitely what it's all about. Recording is cool because of what you're doing, of what you're making but the touring aspect to me is far more enjoyable.

Sindy: Nice. Do you have a favorite town that you've played in?
The Click Five: That's hard to say... yeah, that's hard. I think Vancouver was a lot of fun. We played the Queen Elizabeth Theatre. It's definitely a cool venue. That was in February of 2005.

Sindy: Where would you like to travel to that you haven't had the chance to yet?
The Click Five: Tokyo. Yeah, that's where I really want to go. That would be a fun place to play.

Sindy: Who were your musical influences growing up?
The Click Five: Influences? Billy Joel, Elton John, Tool, Queen, A Perfect Circle, Maynard James Keenan and Michael Jackson.

Sindy: What kind of artists do you listen to today?
The Click Five: Ummm, pretty much everyone on our list of influences except Michael Jackson. We're also listening to Sigur Ros.

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