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Neopets Card Game: The Darkest Faerie Set Previews

Something terrible is happening to Neopia! The [kwlink]Darkest Faerie[/kwlink] and her minions are turning the land into a place full of evil - even [kwlink]Meridell[/kwlink]! The Neopets website will have the story soon and there's a [kwlink]Neopets: The Darkest Faerie[/kwlink]video game coming for the Playstation 2 in November 2005, but we have a preview of the new [kwlink]Neopets card game[/kwlink] set right here. First we had a look at the gruesome Tainted Meridell and Darkest Knight cards. Then we had the hero Roberta of Brightvale and a new Constellation card, The Dancer. Last week we had the hero Tor and the Darkest Faerie's Annihilation card. Now we have another powerful Constellation card and The Darkest Faerie herself! Check 'em out and come back on Tuesday for the full set review!

Neopets Card Game: The Darkest Faerie Preview Images

The Collector lets you re-use items to boost your Neopets in contests! Holy crayola! No Hero can stand up to The Darkest Faerie, she'll flatten them all!.


Neopets Card Game: The Darkest Faerie Preview Breakdown

The Collector

Wow, now this is a great card! With The Collector in play, when you use Item cards to boost your Neopets in challenges you can use them over and over again! It only costs 1 point from your Bank and lets you really power-up your Neopets, you might even be able to make them strong enough to defeat The Darkest Faerie!


The Darkest Faerie

This is the big bad Darkest Faerie herself and, well, WOW. If you want to beat her, you need to challenge her with a ton of Basic Neopets, 'cuz no [kwlink]Hero[/kwlink] or Experienced Neopet has a chance against her and her dark magic. The good news is that your opponent needs to use a deck that's almost all Dark Neopets if he wants to bring her out, the bad news is that a deck full of Dark Neopets is a really strong deck. Hoo boy, [kwlink]Meridell[/kwlink] is already toast and the rest of [kwlink]Neopia[/kwlink] is in trouble! Here's hoping she can be defeated by the heroes in the upcoming [kwlink]The Darkest Faerie video game[/kwlink] for the PS2.

[rating]Hi, I was wondering if you had the full checklist for this expansion? If you do, could you email it to me? Thanks! Awesome article! :)

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Neopets Card Game: The Darkest Faerie Preview Images

The Darkest Faerie can unleash dark magics and blast stuff! Neopia's in trouble! The brave Lupe hero Tor may be able to stop The Darkest Faerie and save Neopia.


Neopets Card Game: The Darkest Faerie Preview Breakdown


Kaboom! This card is a one-shot blammo that'll take out any non-neopet card you don't like. It's a great way to get rid of your opponent's Constellation cards, or a powerful piece of Equipment that's messing up your team of Neopets. It's a handy card to have, especially if you're using a lot of Dark Neopets and the card that powers up all your Dark Neopets.


This dude is a solid kinda hero! He's not the strongest hero, but he gives all your Basic Pokemon a huge boost. Tap one Neopet to play this guy and he'll rally the rest of your Neopets to victory, especially if you get the Constellation that makes heroes stick around. Just don't expect him to defeat a huge villain all by himself.

Neopets Card Game: The Darkest Faerie Preview Images

Roberta of Brightvale might be able to save the day and stop The Darkest Faerie! Constellations are the stars above Neopia that light up to aid the heroes to defeat The Darkest Faerie and her minions.


Neopets Card Game: The Darkest Faerie Preview Breakdown

Roberta of Brightvale

It's hero time! Roberta of Brightvale is one of the two heroes from the upcoming [kwlink]The Darkest Faerie[/kwlink] Playstation 2 video game from Sony. She's a great Agility Hero, especially if you can get the "The Protector" Constellation in play and some of the [kwlink]Maraquan[/kwlink] equipment that powers up your Neopets.

The Dancer

Meet the new kind of card in The Darkest Faerie expansion, Constellations! There are a whole bunch of them and they let you swap banked points for permanent bonuses. "The Dancer" is a great one cuz it lets you dodge [kwlink]Villains[/kwlink], gang up on your opponents' weak arenas and really have fun with the equipment from the [kwlink]Curse of Maraqua[/kwlink] expansion set. Just wait until you see the rest of them - they're really cool looking and have great effects!

Neopets Card Game: The Darkest Faerie Preview Images

The Darkest Faerie's minions have corrupted the city of Mirodell! The Darkest Knight is the Darkest Faerie's strongest minion and he's one of the deadliest villains in all of Neopia.


Neopets Card Game: The Darkest Faerie Preview Breakdown

Tainted Meridell

Meridell is one of the coolest cities in Neopia, but The Darkest Faerie has busted it up bigtime! The Tainted Meridell card can turn any arena into an icky mess of a place where even winning contests is no fun. It's not a hugely powerful card, but it's good for slowing down your opponent if she's kicking your butt in one arena.

Darkest Knight

Every [kwlink]super villain[/kwlink] needs minions to back them up and The Darkest Faerie has her own Darkest Knight! No, he's not [kwlink]Batman[/kwlink] - he's a wicked looking goon who's strong in any arena and doesn't give out a huge reward if he's defeated. He takes two Dark Neopets to play, but if you're playing a deck full of Dark Neopets it's no problem. He's an awesome goon!

More Neopets Card Game Previews for The Darkest Faerie Set

It's looking grim for Neopia with these two [kwlink]previews[/kwlink]! Well, come back next week for another sneak peek. We'll have a look at a hero from the [kwlink]card game[/kwlink] and video game, and at one of the new Constellation cards.

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