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Duel Masters TCG: Epic Dragons of Hyperchaos Set Review

Dec 27, 2006

The Duel Masters Card Game just got bigger with the Epic Dragons of Hyperchaos set. It's packed with dragon-themed cards for the Darkness, Fire and Nature civilizations and has a pair of Theme Decks to get your duels rockin' with dragon power. Here's our review!

New Cards and Powers in Epic Dragons of Hyperchaos

There are three new things in this Duel Masters set - tons of dragons, the new Turbo Rush ability, and two new Theme Decks. Here's a breakdown of each.
  • Dragons - This expansion finally has enough dragon cards, and dragon power-up cards, to make a good dragon deck.
  • Turbo Rush - This ability lets cards do powerful stuff, but only if you've already broken a Shield this turn.
  • Theme Decks - There are two Theme Decks full of dragons to go along with this set. Click the links below for our reviews.
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  • What's funny about this set is that there are no dragons for the Light or Water Civilizations. They get good anti-dragon cards instead.

    Wicked Cards in the Epic Dragons of Hyperchaos

    Want good Duel Masters cards? How about dragons that cost four Mana and have 6000 Power. Or, cards that give you extra mana, extra cards and other bonuses when you summon dragons. What about being able to combine those two things into butt-kicking decks? If that's not enough, then check out the super-powerful, super-rare, Uberdragon Bajula card.

    Uberdragon Bajula is da bomb! He's a powerhouse Triple Breaker who wipes out your opponent's mana and he's an evolution so he's cheap!

    Epic Suckage in the Epic Dragons of Hyperchaos

    The biggest problem is that some dragon cards, like Terradragon Gamiratar, suck unless you really know how to use 'em. Turbo Rush is a bit weak too 'cuz it's so hard to use. There are also lots of duplicate rare cards, which gets frustrating if you're a card collector.

    The Final Word on Epic Dragons of Hyperchaos

    This set finally lets you build a hardcore dragon deck, which is awesome! Including two Theme Decks so you can load up on dragon cards is even better and including anti-dragon cards that you can still use on other creatures is terrific. This set is wicked, unless you're one of those freaks who doesn't like dragons, go get some!

    Epic Dragons of Hyperchaos Thumbs Up:

  • Dragons, finally!
  • Super-rare cards that kick butt.
  • Theme decks full of dragons.
  • Uberdragon Bajula = Best. Dragon. Ever.
  • Anti-dragon cards that don't suck.
  • Epic Dragons of Hyperchaos Thumbs Down:

  • Turbo Rush is hard to use.
  • Some dragon cards suck.
  • Epic Dragons of Hyperchaos Rating:

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