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Duel Masters: Epic Dragons of Hyperchaos Previews!

Dec 27, 2006

Dragons are coming! The new Duel Masters card game expansion set is called Epic Dragons of Hyperhaos and is all about powering up the scaly brutes and stomping all over anyone who gets in your way. We're gonna preview one card from each Civilization so you can see what's coming up, and see the new Turbo Rush power. First up was the Nature Civilization with the Dracodance Totem card. Then, you asked for a Light Civilization preview so we brought out Kuukai, Finder of Karma. Next was the Water Civilization's new Wave Lance card. Now it's the Darkness Civilization with the scary Gigaclaws card, check it out! Here it is, the Fire Civilization preview card and DANG if it isn't a beast. Check it out, drool for a bit, then come back and check out our Epic Dragons of Hyperchaos set review, including the Theme Decks, on Wednesday, October 19!

Duel Masters: Epic Dragons of Hyperchaos Preview Image

Uberdragon Bajula is da bomb! He's a powerhouse Triple Breaker who wipes out your opponent's mana and he's an evolution so he's cheap!

Epic Dragons of Hyperchaos: Uberdragon Bajula Preview

If you play a Fire Civilization deck and want your opponent stomped so flat you can fold 'em into a paper airplane, this is the dragon for you. His 13,000 Power is unstoppable, not even Gran Gure or Syrius, Firmament Elemental can block him without getting crushed. If he isn't blocked, he's a Triple Breaker and if he is blocked, you can still destroy two cards from your opponent's Mana Zone. You even get to pick the cards! And, he's an Evolution so he's cheap and can attack as soon as you play him! Once this Armored Dragon hits the table, your opponent is going to be praying for a Death Smoke or Terror Pit.

Duel Masters: Epic Dragons of Hyperchaos Preview Image

The Gigaclaws card from the Duel Masters: Epic Dragons of Hyperchaos expansion can scare the heck out of your opponent and make them lose all their cards!

Epic Dragons of Hyperchaos: Gigaclaws Preview

Yikes! This critter from the Darkness Civilization has the new Turbo Rush power from the Epic Dragons of Hyperchaos set and it's [kwlink]super scary[/kwlink]. Turbo Rush gives creatures wicked powers, that only work if you've broken a Shield this turn. If you do manage to break a Shield, Gigaclaws can wipe out your opponent's ENTIRE HAND. All their cards go *poof*, even if it's blocked. Mix this up with a Speed Attacker, like Pyrofighter Magnus, or a Totto Pipicchi to give all your Dragons Speed Attacker, and your opponent is in deep poop.

Duel Masters: Epic Dragons of Hyperchaos Preview Image

The Wave Lance card from the Duel Masters: Epic Dragons of Hyperchaos expansion can shut down a massive Dragon, or other creature, cheap!

Epic Dragons of Hyperchaos: Wave Lance Preview

Dragons are big, nasty critters who can stomp all over your shields and the Water Civilization doesn't have any. But, rather than crawl into the corner and cry about it, they put together the Wave Lance to shut down the dragons. This card is cheap at 3 Mana and lets you pop one of your opponent's huge, expensive, creatures back into their hand. You can even draw an extra card if it's a dragon. It's especially good if your opponent summons the dragon that lets you play a creature when it comes out, 'cuz then you can bounce it back to their hand, smash their shields with your new creature on your turn, and then play another creature if they re-summon it next turn. Mwa-ha-ha!

Duel Masters: Epic Dragons of Hyperchaos Preview Image

Kuukai, Finder of Karma from the Duel Masters: Epic Dragons of Hyperchaos expansion is all about stopping dragons from smashing your shields!

Epic Dragons of Hyperchaos: Kuukai, Finder of Karma Preview

The Light Civilization doesn't have any dragons, in fact they're kinda scared of the giant powerful brutes. So, they've hired this huge blocker to keep them away from their precious shields. He's a Mecha Thunder and an Evolution so you should also include Ra Vu, Seeker of Lightning so you can draw him from the Graveyard, or Dava Torey, Seeker of Clouds so you can play him cheaply. Once he's in play, he'll stop almost anything your opponent can throw at you!

Duel Masters: Epic Dragons of Hyperchaos Preview Image

The Dracodance Totem cards from the Duel Masters: Epic Dragons of Hyperchaos expansion lets you summon huge dragons!

Epic Dragons of Hyperchaos: Dracodance Totem Preview

The first thing you need to do to summon a powerful dragon is get your dancin' groove on! The Dracodance Totem is a great way to be able to pack some huge dragons into your deck, and not worry about being screwed by drawing them right away and not being able to use them. Instead, drop them into your Mana Zone and wait 'til later when you have more mana. Then, when a Dracodance Totem gets stomped on, you can put that huge dragon card into your hand and summon it next turn. Schweeet!

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