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Dragon Ball Z: Supersonic Warriors 2 DS Game Review

Dec 27, 2006

It's battle time on the Nintendo DS! The whole Dragon Ball Z gang has piled onto the handheld game system and now you can control your fave DBZ warrior in massive battles against other fighters. Here's the scoop on Dragon Ball Z: Supersonic Warriors 2 with our game review.

DBZ: Supersonic Warriors 2 Basic Training

All the fighters are here. From Krillin to Goku, Piccolo, Frieza, Cell and even Buu! They're here and you can choose the one you battle as when throw down in single matches, team battles, story modes, or even play against your friends with the wireless multiplayer.

Kickin' Butt and Takin' Names with the DBZ Warriors

Want options? You got 'em! This game is packed with battles and stories. Plus, you can power up your fave DBZ warrior for an extra edge in the high-speed battles. You can also build teams of warriors, and switch fighters in mid-battle by tapping on the DS touch-screen.

Super-Saiyan-Sized Suck in DBZ: Supersonic Warriors 2

If you loved Dragon Ball Z: Supersonic Warriors, you won't find much suck in this game, because they're almost the same game! This one has 3D battlefields and uses the DS touch-screen, but those are the biggest changes. And, the touch-screen is tricky to use cuz the action's so fast that you'll look down to hit it then look up and your opponent will have made a boot-sandwich with your face as the jam.

The Final Showdown for DBZ: Supersonic Warriors 2

It's a solid fighting game with a few flaws. If you haven't played the original Supersonic Warriors, definitely give it a try, just be fast with the touch-screen. If you have played the original then DBZ: Supersonic Warriors 2 isn't that big a deal, although it makes multiplayer way easier!

DBZ: Supersonic Warriors 2 Thumbs Up:

  • Lots of battles and DBZ action!
  • Easy multiplayer battles.
  • 3D Arenas!
  • Easy to unlock extra characters with the story mode.
  • DBZ: Supersonic Warriors 2 Thumbs Down:

  • The action is too fast for the touch-screen.
  • If you have Supersonic Warriors, you don't need Supersonic Warriors 2.
  • DBZ Supersonic Warriors 2 Game Rating:

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