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Ben 10 :: Alien Force TV Show Facts

Apr 14, 2016

Ben Tennyson was an ordinary 10-year old kid who loved video games, biking, and goofing off. Then he found the Omnitrix and gained the incredible power to change into 10 different aliens with crazy powers! Teaming up with his way-cool grandpa and worry-wart cousin, Gwen, he foght crime, had fun, and tried to figure out how the Omnitrix worked. Now, after 2 solid seasons and a couple of life-action movies, Ben 10 is about to transform into Ben 10: Evolutions. Check it out!

Ben 10: Alien Swarm :: The New Live-Action Movie

Like its predecessor, Ben 10: Race Against Time, Alien Swarm is a live-action story that follows Ben and his friends as they discover new alien technology. This time around, Ben, Gwen and Kevin have to help an old friend named Elena. Her father Victor Validus was a scientist who used to help Max study a new breed of alien chips. Max fired Victor after he stole the chips, but Elena can’t believe her father would do such a thing. Some detective work reveals that the Hive—the aliens behind the chips—have used the nanotechnology to place people under mind control. The Hive plans to enslave everyone on Earth, so save the planet from an imminent invasion, Ben must find the hive queen and defeat her with the help of the new nanotechnology.

Catch Ben 10: Alien Swarm on DVD and Blu-ray on December 1, 2009.

Ben 10: Evolution :: Season 3 Of Ben 10

While not much is known yet about the new series, it has been confirmed that Ben’s secret identity has now been revealed to the world, making him an “international mega-star super hero.” Kids love him, but adults are skeptical of his intentions, but with a mysterious new Omnitrix at his disposal, Ben is going to have a whole new arsenal of aliens that’ll convince the world of his powers.

Ben 10: Evolution :: Rumored Aliens

  • Buzzshock has great speed and the power to envelop himself in electricity and then fire it out at enemies.
  • Strongtail is a lemur-like alien with a thick, powerful tail.
  • Terraspin is most likely a rock alien similar to Cannonbolt whose powers rely on how fast he can rotate.
  • Water Hazard is a water aliens with a blue head and the symbol of the Omnitrix on his chest. Water Hazard fires water from his mouth and is impervious to bullets.
  • NRG sounds like “energy” if you say his name quickly, so he no doubt packs a powerful punch.
  • Lodestar is an extremely powerful alien who can use his electromagnetism powers to move metal.
  • Nanomech was the alien used to destroy the hive queen in Ben 10: Alien Swarm. He can shrink or grow to human size, fire wire-like tentacles from his back that shoot green electricity and on top of all that, he can fly too!
  • Amphibian has great jumping abilities and possesses a long, sticky tongue.
  • Armodrillo has powers similar to Cannonbolt, like a drilling ability.
  • Rath is a mysterious character—we have to wait until the show airs to find out about him.

Ben 10 :: Original Roll-Call

  • Ben Tennyson - Take one ordinary video-game-playing, bike-riding, kid. Add one alien doohickey that can turn him into 10 aliens with wacky powers. Sha-zammo! It's time to fight crime and save the day.
  • Gwen Tennyson - Gwen isn't an alien, she's worse, she's Ben's cousin! She's got the 'fu, which is cool, but she's a worry-wart, which sucks.
  • Grandpa Max - Ben's ex-army grandpa isn't an alien, but he knows something about 'em. He's also really cool and helps Ben out with his alien thingamajigger.
  • Fourarms - Got butt-kickin' powers? This 12-foot tall four-armed brute does! He's Ben's fave alien form for putting the smackdown on bad guys.
  • Stinkfly - This bug-alien form lets Ben take to the sky like a jet pilot and battle bad guys with pincers and a sharp tail. Just don't get him wet or he's grounded.
  • Ripjaw - It's uglier than dirt, but Ben's Ripjaw form can swim like a fish! It also lets Ben breathe underwater and munch burgers (and bad guys) with a nasty ste of teeth.
  • XLR8 - Ben's high-speed dino form can race at 300 mph across ground, mud, water, and even up buildings! It can also make a tornado by running in circles, but it still takes forever to do homework in this form.
  • Heatblast - This hot alien form is on fire and can spit, spray, hurl, and shoot bolts of fire. It's awesome, as long as it doesn't get wet!
  • Grey Matter - Even aliens are nerds. This little alien form is a 'wee grey guy that makes Ben super smart so he can fix stuff. It's great, but it's super weak!
  • Ghostfreak - Turning into this shadowy alien lets Ben walk through walls and turn invisible, as long as it's kinda dark. It's super-powerful and super-spooky.
  • Diamondhead - When Ben turns into this crystal alien, he's impervious to damage, super strong, and can bounce lasers around. But, loud rock 'n roll tunes can shatter him!
  • Wildmutt - This dog-like alien form is part wolverine, part quill-shooting porcupine, and all blind. Ben can't talk in this form either, but its super-senses means it doesn't need to see to pee on your leg!
  • Upgrade - Changing into this liquid-metal alien form lets Ben merge with mechanical stuff and upgrade it. Just imagine plugging him into an Xbox 360!
  • Vilgax - This tentacle-faced alien is after Omnitrix and wants it, bad!
  • Dr. Animo - This mad scientist has a gadget that lets him bring dinosaurs back from the dead and turn normal critters into mutant freaks.
  • Zombozo - When he's not winning awards for "Lamest Villain Name Ever" this psychic vampire clown runs an evil circus.
  • Megawhatt - Ben unleashes this mischievous dynamo of electrical destruction when he's pulling a prank. Whoops.

Ben 10 :: Alien Force Characters

  • Kevin Levin - A former enemy of Ben's in the first series, Kevin joins on this time to help Ben and Gwen find their Grandpa Max, who disappeared at the end of the first series.
  • Highbreed - A breed of aliens who thinks themselves the most superior species, they want to wipe out all other beings--including humans!
  • DNAliens - Human/alien hybrids who can disguise themselves via identity masks.
  • The Forever Knights - Formed way back in the Middle Ages (think 1000s - 1300s), this group of alien arms dealers is currently working with the Highbreed--without knowing their full intentions, of course!
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