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Meet the Xbox 360!

Reviewed by on Dec 27, 2006
Rating: 1 Star Rating

Get the scoop on the new Xbox 360 gaming console!

Elijah Wood gave the world the 411 on the new Xbox 360 on May 12, 2005 at 9:30pm on MTV. This is the game system that's going to be competing with the Playstation 3 and Nintendo Revolution. The brand new game console is way smaller than the old Xbox, it's white and it's loaded with cool new stuff. If you missed it, or if you want to see all the info again, we have it all right here. How fast it is, what it can do and 101 other reasons why the Xbox 360 will be the toy that every gamer wants!

How Much Power Does the Xbox 360 Have?

  • Three 3.2 Ghz CPU chips.
  • Custom-built video card with 10 MB imbedded DRAM.
  • Supports HDTV.
  • 512 MB RAM.
  • 20 GB removable hard drive.
  • Wireless controllers.
  • Interchangeable faceplates so you can pick your style.
  • This means power and lots of it! The Xbox 360 has what it takes to make video games scream. Plus, the removable hard drive means you can take your saved games to a friend's place and play 'em there!

    Cool Extras for the Xbox 360

  • Free Xbox Live Silver.
  • Xbox Live Gold for paid members.
  • Wireless internet plug-in.
  • Can download images from digital cameras.
  • Can plug into a Microsoft Media Center PC and stream music or videos.
  • Basically, the Xbox 360 can plug into anything a PC can plug into. Plus, once you plug it into your home high-speed internet connection, dial-up gamers need not apply, it's online and you can talk to your friends, share MP3s and download game upgrades. Everybody gets a free month of Xbox Live Gold with video messaging, celebrity gaming matchups, gamer profiles to help find good games online and even tournaments where your gaming skills can win you prizes!

    Xbox 360 Final Details

    The final word is that it's dropping in time for Christmas 2005 and the word is it'll cost $300-$400 US to buy one. Another big thing is whether you'll be able to play old Xbox games on the Xbox 360 - that's a question that's still up in the air.

    Final Fantasy on Xbox!

    Final Fantasy XI is coming to the Xbox 360! This is the first time a Final Fantasy game will be available on the Xbox and this one will let you play online in a virtual world full of other Final Fantasy gamers from all over the world.

    Xbox Game Compatibility Update!

    Word is in from Microsoft about the Xbox 360 playing older games! The answer is: Kinda. It'll run certain "Top-Selling" games. Blecch.

    Basically, no, it won't. Except for a couple of games. Microsoft has a list of the compatible games online, check it out at the link below.

  • www.xbox.com
  • More Xbox 360 Price News!

    Microsoft has announced that the Xbox 360 is available in two packages, a cheap Xbox 360 Core System and the full Xbox 360. Here's what you get in each as well as the price.

  • Xbox 360 Core System
  • The Price: $299 US
    You Get:
  • Xbox 360 Console
  • Controller With Wires
  • Detachable Faceplate
  • Xbox Live Silver Membership
  • Standard AV Cables
  • Xbox 360
  • The Price: $399 US
    You Get:
  • Xbox 360 Console
  • 20GB Detachable Hard Drive
  • Wireless Controller
  • Wireless Xbox Live Headset
  • High-Definition AV Cables
  • Ethernet Cable
  • Detachable Faceplate
  • Xbox Live Silver Membership
  • A Limited Time Offer of a Xbox 360 Media Remote Control
  • A word of warning - don't get the cheap package! It's seriously lacking and you'll end up spending more than $100 on it before you can use the Xbox 360's full power.

  • Got something to say about the Xbox 360?
  • 1This is tight, I wish I had one of these. All you need to do is make it smaller and put a screen on it to play it anywhere and make it different colors.

    Kidz Submit by:

    Nickname: volcom911yankydoodle
    Age: 14
    Rating: 5

    1This is the bomb but it should have like a screen on the controller instead of the big old box and it would be lighter.

    Kidz Submit by:

    Nickname: Dazzlebaby
    Age: 14
    Rating: 5

    1It's cute and all but why is it the same color as the Playstation 3 and almost the same shape as Playstation 2?

    Kidz Submit by:

    Nickname: Tweetylover88
    Age: 17
    Rating: 1

    1I want one so bad. It's gonna be so awesome but so expensive.

    Kidz Submit by:

    Nickname: GogetaRG
    Age: 14
    Rating: 5

    1It's going to be really great. I'll buy one.

    Kidz Submit by:

    Nickname: Chaco
    Age: 11
    Rating: 5

    1I think the Xbox 360 is way cool. I cant wait to get it I already have an Xbox and I have very good games for a start. Need for Speed Underground 2, Project Gotham Racing, X-Men Legends, Halo 1 & 2 and lots more.
    P.S. The game rules!!!!

    Kidz Submit by:

    Nickname: Dexter110
    Age: 11
    Rating: 5

    1I love the 360!!!

    Kidz Submit by:

    Nickname: ilovecnellz
    Age: 15
    Rating: 4

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