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Magic: The Gathering: Dissension Set Review

Dec 27, 2006

Magic: The Gathering, the card game of dueling wizards and powerful monsters, just got 180 new cards with the Dissension expansion set! Featuring new color-combo guilds, new Theme Decks, new powers and some savage monsters, it adds more power to your duels. We have the 411 on what's new in this set, including reviews of all three Theme Decks!

War, Chaos, Monsters and new Powers in Dissension!

Dissension is the third, and final, set in the Ravnica: City of Guilds series. It's where the guilds finally bust out into full-on war and bring all their strongest spells and creatures to the battle. Three new guilds have joined the battle - here's the scoop on them.
  • Azorius Senate - Blue and White join forces to rule the sky and control the ground.
  • Cult of Rakdos - Black and Red, the bad-boys of Magic, combine death and fiery destruction to destroy anything and everything!
  • Simic Combine - Blue and Green go crazy with mutations to make the biggest monsters ever!

  • The battling guilds in this set have developed new abilities to crush their enemies with. Here they are!
  • Forecast - You can reveal these cards to your opponent, once each turn, to use an extra power on the card. Plus, you can play them normally!
  • Graft - Graft creatures have +1/+1 counters on them that you can move onto your other creatures as you summon them.
  • Hellbent - This crazy ability powers-up your cards, but only when you have no cards in your hand!
  • Guildpact Theme Deck Reviews

    This new expansion comes with three new Theme Decks to let you unleash the power of the guilds. Here they are, and our reviews!
  • Azorius Ascendant - Defend the ground, rule the skies and control the battle as you defeat your opponent.
  • Rakdos Bloodsport - Smash, bash, crash and burn your way to victory with fire magic and nasty creatures.
  • Simic Mutology - Summon creatures that mutate, grow and crush your opponent!
  • Powerful Powers and Wicked Combos in Dissension

    As cool as Graft and Hellbent sound, Forecast is 'da bomb! For just a few mana, you can use a card over and over and over and over again, letting you gain life, draw cards and more. It's also easy to add into any deck you build. What's also awesome is that Rakdos, leader of the Cult of Rakdos, is a card in this set and he's a brutal Black and Red demon that can do a ton of damage!

    Problems, Pain, and Frustration in Dissension

    Graft is a cool power, especially in multiplayer games, but you need to build your deck around it for it to work well. Hellbent really blows chunks in multiplayer, but it can tear your opponent into itty-bitty pieces in one-on-one duels.

    Final Words on the Dissension Expansion Set

    Grab an Azorius Ascendant Theme Deck! The other decks need a few booster packs to really kick it, but there are a lot of good cards in the Dissension set that are worth grabbing. New Magic players should make sure to grab some 9th Edition cards first, then pick up some of these once you have solid dueling skills.

    Dissension Set Rating:

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