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Kidzworld's Top Five Card Games of 2005!

Jul 10, 2018

It's the end of 2005 and that means it's time for Kidzworld's pics of the coolest card games of 2005. From the monster mayhem in Yu-Gi-Oh! to collecting 'em all in Pokemon, it's all here. Check out the best games, and expansions for games, with this list.

#5 Card Game of 2005: Shaman King

One of the coolest card games for 2005 was Shaman King! It was a game based on the dueling shaman action of the very cool Shaman King anime and it had a ton of awesome action, including a really cool back-and-forth kung-fu battling system. Unfortunately, it got cancelled. But! The good news is that the awesome Avatar: The Last Airbender anime is getting turned into a card game and it's using the same system. Wait for it in February 2006!
  • Click Here for the review.
  • #4 Card Game of 2005: Codename: Kids Next Door

    Candy powered super spy kids go! The Codename: Kids Next Door special agents, Numbuhs one through five, are battling the forces of homework, chores, and other lameness in the name of candy. Their card game is a high-speed battle between players with lots of shouting, robot bunnies, goofy villains, tree forts, and Panic Button mania. It's fast, easy to play, and you can even make your own cards.
  • Click Here for the review.
  • #3 Card Game of 2005: Pokemon: EX Delta Species

    The classic Pokemon card game keeps going strong with the latest EX Delta Species expansion! Packed with new Metal Pokemon to collect and powerful new Holon Trainer Cards that let you search for Metal Energy (finally!), the Pokemon card game just got cooler.
  • Click Here for the review.
  • #2 Card Game of 2005: Yu-Gi-Oh! Cybernetic Revolution

    The Yu-Gi-Oh! card game puts the dueling action of Yugi and his friends from the Yu-Gi-Oh! anime show in your hands so you can battle with summoned monsters, spell cards and deadly traps. The Cybernetic Revolution expansion set kicks a metric ton of butt by giving new players incredibly powerful monsters, fusion monsters and more powerful cards. It's the best Yu-Gi-Oh! expansion ever and almost the best card game of the year.
  • Click Here for the review.
  • #1 Card Game of 2005: Duel Masters: Epic Dragons of Hyperchaos

    In 2005, Duel Masters owned the card game zone with the incredible Epic Dragons of Hyperchaos expansion set. The card game of battling civilizations and insane monsters took it up a notch by packing in dragons, dragons and more dragons in this new set. From cheap dragons that any deck can use all the way up to the mighty Uberdragon Bajula, this set is the best thing to happen to card games in 2005 and it even has two theme decks so you can load up on dragons for your own decks!
  • Click Here for the review.
  • The Duel Masters card game is the hottest tcg of 2005!
    Image Courtesy of Wizards

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