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Pokemon Emerald Game Cheat: Catching Mewtwo!

Dec 27, 2006

Kidzworld member Alissia809 is playing Pokemon Emerald and some questions about how to catch the powerful Psychic Pokemon Mewtwo in Pokemon Emerald for the Nintendo GBA. Gary's got the 411 for her, and everybody else, on how to get one - and it all came from Cheat Street! It's the home of all the video game cheats, codes, hints, tips, secrets, walkthroughs and more to help you finish your [kwlink]fave video games[/kwlink].

Getting Mewtwo in Pokemon Emerald for the GBA

Bad news! You can't capture Mewtwo in Pokemon Emerald. But, there is a way to get your hands on one. The way to do it is to capture one in Pokemon FireRed and trade it to your Pokemon Emerald game.

Capturing Mewtwo in Pokemon FireRed for the GBA

The Legendary Pokemon Mewtwo is hanging out in the Unknown Dungeon, which is also called the Cerulean Cave. You need to have Rock Smash and Surf so grab those before you start. To get to the cave, start in Cerulean City and head north, then hang a left and surf down until you can see the opening. Head inside and you're in the Unknown Dungeon!

Unknown Dungeon Walkthrough for Pokemon FireRed

This dungeon is a maze full of ladders and dead-ends so follow these steps carefully to get to the end so you can battle Mewtwo.
  • 1. Head up, jump into the water and surf to the first stairs.
  • 2. Go up the stairs, get the Full Restore, then get back in the water.
  • 3. Surf left, then down past a set of stairs and get onto land.
  • 4. Go right, up some stairs, then around in a spiral (ignoring the first ladder), to the ladder in the middle.
  • 5. Up the ladder head left, take the first turn down, then go right, down two steps, all the way right, all the way down, all the way right, all the way up, a step to the left, up, then left until you reach the ladder going down.
  • 6. Phew! Now, go down about four steps and climb the ladder.
  • 7. Now you're in the room with Mewtwo!
  • 8. Follow the path and don't forget to heal and save before you battle Mewtwo!
  • Mewtwo Battle Cheats for Pokemon FireRed

    Mewtwo is one of the strongest Pokemon in the game, it's super fast, hits hard, and has incredible attacks! But, it's a Psychic-type Pokemon, so it's vulnerable to Bug, Ghost and Dark attacks. Mewtwo's attacks are also weak against Dark, Psychic and Steel Pokemon. So, bring a Ghost/Dark-type Sableye Pokemon, or just a Dark-type Pokemon, follow these tips for catching any Pokemon and you're all set!

    That's it for Pokemon video game cheats and walkthroughs this week. But, stick around and see what cheats Gary can come up with for next week. He'll get the 411 on all the coolest game codes! Don't forget, if you get stuck and need a game cheat code, and let him know!

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