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Slumber Party Girls Interview

Dec 27, 2006

By: Sindy

They sing, they dance and they act - no, they're not related to Hilary Duff, but they are about to make a splash in the tween entertainment world! Sindy sat down with the members of the new girl band, The Slumber Party Girls to find out their views on the music industry, their new dance competition show and the ritual of sleepovers! Hear what they had to say, right here.

Sindy: Hi Girls! How about we start off by you telling me how you got to be involved with the Slumber Party Girls.
Slumber Party Girls: Well, our agents pretty much just called us up and said there was this audition in LA that we should check out. Some of us weren't even sure if we should go, but we're all so happy we did. It was like a whole day of auditions where we had to sing, act and dance. It was pretty intense.

Sindy: As a group, you sing, dance and act. If you had to choose just one artform, what would it be?
Slumber Party Girls: That is so hard. It would be different for all of us but we'd rather not have to choose. We love doing it all and that's what's so great about being a part of The Slumber Party Girls.

Sindy: What do you think The Slumber Party Girls have to offer that other girl bands in the past haven't?
Slumber Party Girls: Well, we do it all. We sing, we dance, we act. No other group has done that before. We're not a singing group who is attempting to make a movie or something. We're going to be hosting the Saturday morning TV block called Secret Slumber Party on CBS and we're also involved with the new show Dance Revolution! where contestants compete in dance offs. We're also totally multi-ethnic which is different from other girl bands in the past.

Sindy: The Slumber Party Girls are all about having fun without being too sexy. Why do you think so many artists use sex to sell their music?
Slumber Party Girls: Some artists might not have real talent and they think that the only way to make a name for themselves is to use sex. Artists that have real talent, who can really sing, don't need to be too sexy. We're sassy, but not sexy.

Sindy: Which female performers do you look up to in the industry?
Lina: I really admire Selena. She is the reason I wanted to get into the entertainment industry.
Caroline: I love artists like Gwen Stefani. She's fun but isn't too sexy.

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