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TMNT - Xbox 360 and Nintendo Wii Video Game Review

Reviewed by on Mar 19, 2007
Rating: 4 Star Rating

Help the turtles save the day, ninja style, in their new movie-based game for Xbox 360 and Wii! Here’s Gary’s review.

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are back in action! They have a brand-new computer-animated movie hitting theaters on March 23, 2007 and their movie-based video game is at game stores near you now. The game puts you in control of Leonardo, Raphael, Michelangelo and Donatello, the turtle brothers, as a new evil comes to New York. Gary twiddled his fuzzy orange thumbs at this new game for Xbox 360 and Nintendo Wii to bring you this TMNT game review!

TMNT – Ninja Turtle Training

Get ready for ninja action! The TMNT video game lets you play as the turtles through the action of the movie - well, kinda. It’s like all the stuff in the movie has already happened and the turtles are chatting about it. You play through the levels as they tell stories – like a comic book. You start out doing some solo missions, then hit NY and get the whole turtle team, with the ability to pull team-up moves for super jumps and combat combos.

TMNT – Mutant Powers and Teamwork!

What’s totally awesome is that the turtles can jump and climb like they’ve been taking lessons from Spider-Man. They're even able to run along walls! The turtles bust bad guys differently too and if you slam 10 guys in a row without getting hit you enter the awesome super-speed mode for a few seconds. There are also a bunch of levels and fun options to unlock – including chili farts! If you’re playing the Wii version you can also unlock nine mini-games for extra fun.

TMNT – Turtle Trouble and Vile Villains

After you’ve played for a bit you’ll notice a few problems – the enemies are dumb like peanut butter for starters. The combat combos are limited too, with the teamwork moves being way too hard to pull off and not worth it. There aren’t any power-ups either, but you get unlimited lives so it’s not like you need them.

TMNT – Totally Awesome?

If you’re looking for a TMNT game to play while you’re excited about the movie, this game is perfect. It’s all light and fluffy, like popcorn. But, if you want a challenging TMNT game that’s loaded with extras and cool combos… sorry, wrong game. What this game really needs is a run-around-NY-fighting-crime mode where you can just hop around like a mutant ninja and clobber bad guys!

TMNT Thumbs Up:

  • Awesome jumping and climbing action!
  • Lots of extra levels and artwork to unlock.
  • Nine bonus mini-games for the Wii!
  • You can unlock fart mode!
  • Easy for anyone to play.
  • TMNT Thumbs Down:

  • The bad guys got an A+ at idiot school.
  • Constant “Awesome!” “Wow!” “Sweet!” noises as you play.
  • Too easy for hardcore gamers.
  • TMNT Game Rating: 4

    TMNT is available for: Xbox 360, Wii.

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