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Magic: The Gathering: Future Sight Expansion Set Review

Reviewed by on May 14, 2007
Rating: 3 Star Rating

The future arrives early with the new Future Sight set for the Magic: The Gathering card game! Here’s Gary’s card game review.

The Magic: The Gathering card game lets you become a dueling wizard, hopping from world to world and battling opponents with spells and monsters. But, in the Time Spiral set reality started to fall apart, it got worse in Planar Chaos and now it's totally busted! Creatures from the future are all over the place, cards look totally different and there are weird new powers popping up. Here's the 411 on this new set with Gary's card game review.

Previews and Sneak Peeks!

This set is packed with two major things - cards that twist time and timeshifted cards that come from the future. The time-twisting cards are kinda confusing and they use powers like Suspend and Delay to appear after you activate them, or even before! Here's a breakdown of what's going on in this set.
  • Scry - Check out the next few cards of your deck and move 'em around.
  • Pact - Free card! But, if you don't pay for it next turn you lose the game.
  • Grandeur - Discard an extra Legendary card to power up the one you have in play.
  • Delve - Remove cards from your Graveyard to pay for a card.
  • Timeshifted Cards - These cards have a new Card Fashion 101 look.
  • Absorb - If a creature gets hurt, it absorbs some of the damage.
  • Delay/Suspend - Twist time to make cards appear long after you activate them, or to disappear and reappear.
  • Theme Deck Reviews

    Even with time and space gone all hoopy, there are still ways to use it to clobber your Magic opponents. These four Theme Decks will get you started with awesome cards, powerful combos and wicked strategies.
  • Fate Blaster - Control you and your opponent's future to win! *Review Coming Soon*
  • Future Shock - Use nothing but cards from the future to look great as you beat your opponent. *Review Coming Soon*
  • Rebels Unite - Combine rebel cards and powers for an unlimited supply of fierce warriors! *Review Coming Soon*
  • Suspended Sentence - Warp time and reality like a pro to crush your confused opponent. *Review Coming Soon*
  • Worth Looking Into?

    This expansion for the Magic card game is confusing! It's also low on huge new monsters, except for Korlash, Heir to Blackblade, the Sliver Legion and a few red and green brutes. If you're a hardcore Magic strategy master, and buy a ton of cards, this set is a blast. But, if you want to pound your opponent flat with fireballs and dragons, stick to Planar Chaos cards.

    Set Rating: 3

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