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Pokemon Diamond and Pearl - DS Game Walkthrough

May 18, 2007

A new era of Pokemon has arrived with the new Pokemon Diamond and Pearl games for the Nintendo DS. They offer new graphics, new options, a new region and 100 new Pokemon to catch! But, these new games are packed full of new puzzles, new gym leaders and challenging Pokemon to battle. Cheat Street is here to get your career as a Pokemon Trainer off to a flying start with a game walkthrough. From picking the right Pokemon for you, to building a wicked team and beating the first few Pokemon Gyms, all the info you need is right here!

Pokemon Diamond and Pearl - Your First Pokemon

Early on you get to pick your first Pokemon. This Pokemon will be your strongest battler and closest ally for the entire game so it's important to pick the one that's right for you! Here's the 411 on each one.
  • Turtwig - This Grass-type Pokemon is a turtle with a tree on its back. It's slow but powerful, with lots of attacks that recover health so it can battle for a long time without healing. Turtwig is a strong Pokemon, but takes some patience to use.
  • Chimchar - This Fire-type monkey Pokemon is fast and dangerous, but it has a low defense so be careful! It's weak against the first gym, but it's a great Pokemon for defeating enemies quickly.
  • Piplup - This Water-type Pokemon is a cute penguin that evolves into the Water/Steel-type Empoleon at higher level. It's strong against the first gym, but gets clobbered later in the game!

    Pokemon Diamond and Pearl - Building a Pokemon Team

    Each Pokemon on your team has certain strengths and weaknesses and part of being a Master Pokemon Trainer is building a team that can beat any opponent. Here are the Pokemon everybody should catch right away, plus a few more hints to help your starting Pokemon.
  • Starly - from Route 201.
  • Bidoof - from Route 201.
  • If you chose Turtwig, catch these Pokemon.

  • Ponyta - from Route 201.
  • Zubat - from Route 204.
  • If you chose Chimchar, catch these Pokemon.

  • Geodude - from Route 204.
  • Psyduck - from the Oreburgh Gate.
  • If you chose Piplup, catch these Pokemon.

  • Shinx - from Route 202.
  • Budew - from Route 204.
  • Kricketot - from Route 203.
  • Pokemon Diamond and Pearl - Oreburgh City Gym

    This gym is packed with Rock-type Pokemon. They're strong against Fire, but weak against Water and Grass moves. Turtwig and Piplup can clobber the gym, but Chimchar will have problems here - bring a Budew to help out.

    Pokemon Diamond and Pearl - Eterna City Gym

    Grass-type Pokemon are the name of the game in this gym. Chimchar and Turtwig will rock it, but Piplup will need some help from Kricketot or even a Ponyta.

    Pokemon Diamond and Pearl - Veilstone City Gym

    The martial arts masters of this gym love their Fighting-type Pokemon, but they're all weak against Flying Pokemon so if you've evolved Starly to Staravia you'll be able to kick butt.

    Pokemon Diamond and Pearl - Pastoria City Gym

    With all the Water-type Pokemon in this gym, Turtwig is laughing. Piplup will be challenged, but if you evolved a Shinx to Luxio you'll be fine. Chimchar is in trouble, but capturing a Roselia from Route 212 will really help.

    That's it for Pokemon Diamond and Pearl video game cheats and walkthroughs this week. But, stick around and see what cheats Gary can come up with for next week. He'll get the 411 on all the coolest game codes! Don't forget, if you get stuck and need a game cheat code, and let him know!

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