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Pokemon Card Game :: Diamond and Pearl Set Review

May 24, 2007

The Pokemon card game has never been bigger, especially with the launch of the new Diamond and Pearl video games! To celebrate, a new Diamond and Pearl set has been released and it's packed with new stuff. From tons of new Pokemon, to new rules, new powers, level-up cards and three new Theme Decks, it's a heaping helping of fun! Gary's got the 411 for you with his Pokemon card game review.

Buckets of New Stuff!

With 120 new cards, Diamond and Pearl is packed with over 50 new Sinnoh-region Pokemon to collect, including the awesome Dialga and Palkia. But, the biggest news about this set is that it cleans up the rules to make them easier and it adds a bunch of new powers. Here's the 411 on the new powers and rules changes.
  • Weakness - Instead of doubling damage, Weakness now adds a different amount for each Pokemon.
  • Resistance - Instead of resisting 30 points, Resistance now resists a different amount for each Pokemon.
  • LV.X - Pokemon now have levels listed, and new LV.X cards can power-up Pokemon with new attacks, powers and more HP!
  • Rules Changes

    Here's a list of all the changes to the rules of the Pokemon card game.

    Old Rules
    New Rules
    Game Start
    First player doesn't draw a card to start his or her first turn.
    First player draws a card as normal.
    First player can't play Supporter cards on his or her first turn.
    First player can't play ANY Trainer, Supporter and Stadium cards on his or her first turn, including Fossils.
    Weakness and Resistance
    Weakness is always a x2 multiplier.
    The amount of Weakness is noted on the cards, usually adding from +10 to +30 damage.
    Resistance is always -30 damage.
    The amount of Resistance is noted on the card.
    Older cards are played as-is, with Weakness applying x2 to damage and Resistance reducing damage by 30
    When a Fossil is Knocked Out, no Prize card is drawn.
    When a Fossil is Knocked Out, it is treated as a Pokemon that has been Knocked Out.
    Basic Pokemon or Evolution Cards
    Older cards use the term "Basic Pokemon or Evolution card", meaning any Pokemon (including Pokemon LV.X).
    New cards use "Pokemon" instead, making it clearer to include all cards that are Pokemon characters.
    Trainer Cards
    Trainer cards included Supporter and Stadium cards.
    If a Diamond & Pearl (or later) card refers to a Trainer card, it only looks at cards that have "Trainer" in the upper left corner of the card.
    Metal and Darkness Energy cards
    Darkness and Metal Special Energy cards are limited to four of each in a deck.
    They are still limited to four of each in a deck; however their basic Energy versions do not have a limit.
    If a card tells you to attach a Metal Energy, you to attach a Metal Special Energy card.
    If a card tells you to attach a Metal Energy you may choose to attach a Metal Special Energy card or a Metal basic Energy card.
    Unown Pokemon are limited to four in a deck.
    Older Unown cards are limited to four in a deck. Newer Unown cards use "Unown A" and "Unown B" as Pokemon names, allowing four of each in a deck, in addition to four of the older Unown cards for example.

    Theme Deck Reviews

    This new set has three new Theme Decks to choose from! Here's the 411 on each, plus reviews.
  • Inferno Zone - Chimchar's Fire and Fighting deck hits hard and fast!
  • Royal Frost - Piplup's Water and Metal deck lets you hit any Pokemon.
  • Terra Firma - Turtwig's Grass and Darkness deck is full of healing moves.
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