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Family Force 5 Interview (pg. 2)

Jul 17, 2007

Sindy: You have just released the Diamond Edition of your previous album, Business Up Front/Party In The Back. What can fans expect from it?
Soul Glow Activatur: There are three brand new songs on it - one's called I Love You to Death, another is called Never Let Me Go and the other one is called Face Down. Plus there are the original songs that were on Business Up Front/Party in the Back. We just thought that album was already like an awesome Krispy Kreme doughnut, kinda. So what's better than that? Some chocolate glaze on top of that doughnut! That's what the Diamond Edition is. We called it Diamond Edition because diamonds are a girl's best friend, diamonds are forever... there's just something cool about saying something is "diamond".

Sindy: Cool. So how do you keep yourself entertained on the bus?
Soul Glow Activatur: We watch VCR tapes - like the actual old tapes - that the Dixie Chicks left on the bus. We bought our bus from the Dixie Chicks. We also have dance parties and play Bus Olympics, which mostly just consists of us moving around the bus without touching the floor. You know, because "it's lava" (laughs).

Sindy: So who are your favorite bands on this year's Warped Tour line-up?
Soul Glow Activatur: That would probably be Anberlin, Coheed and Cambria, there are a bunch of them.

Sindy: So what makes you stand out from the other bands on the tour?
Soul Glow Activatur: The fact that we aren't screamo. We have a pretty great live show. We have a Transformers helmet we wear on stage and we break dance. It's pretty great.

Sindy: What are you guys up to when Warped Tour ends?
Soul Glow Activatur: We're heading out on to our own tour. We haven't finalized who we're going with yet, but it will be a big North American tour starting in the fall.

Sindy: Cool, well thanks so much for talking to us today. Have a great tour!
Soul Glow Activatur: Thanks!

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