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NCAA Football 08 :: PS3 and Xbox 360 Game Review

Reviewed by on Jul 23, 2007
Rating: 4 Star Rating

NCAA Football 08 let’s you get your college ball groove on with the PS3 and Xbox 360! Is it any good? Find out with our game review!

EA Sports has a new football game for you with NCAA Football 08 for the PS3 and Xbox 360. It's all about college football, with you as the coach, manager or even player! With everything from live weather conditions to ESPN news tickers, trophies and video replays, this game is ready to rock. Or is it? Gary tossed the virtual pigskin around to bring you this NCAA Football 08 game review.

Gridiron Goodies

NCAA Football 08 is packed with football action! You can play a quick game, mini-games, play through an entire year, challenge friends online, practice your skills and more. The Dynasty Mode lets you manage an entire football team, recruiting players and coaching games. Campus Legend lets you skip all that and become an up-and-coming football star, running the plays and leading your team to glory.

Football Fun

Super Sim rules because it lets you skip the boring stuff and get right to the action by simulating the football game while you watch. You can even hit a button to jump back in for the final seconds of the game, or to make a crucial play! Plus, you can save pictures and videos of your games, replay them later or upload them for your friends to check out.

Fistfull of Frustration

The biggest problem when you're playing is that the other team gets your ball - a lot. By the end of your third game you'll have had enough turnovers to open up your own bake shop! Recruiting new players is still a bit weak, even with all the new options. And, finally, the in-game snapshots are like someone gave a monkey a camera!


Even with a few flaws and way too many tackles, the extra game modes, replays and awesome Super Sim mode bring this game home for a touchdown. If you like football, kicking butt at football and showing off your awesome football moves to your friends online, NCAA Football 08 is perfect for you! If you don't like football, why are you even here? Go play Harry Potter or something.

Thumbs Up:

  • Super Sim lets you skip all the boring stuff!
  • Lots of game modes to choose from.
  • Save, replay and share your greatest plays.
  • Legend mode = become a player and skip all the coaching/managing details.
  • Thumbs Down:

  • Recruiting new players still sucks.
  • Enough turnovers to open a bake shop.
  • In-game snapshots = monkey with a camera.
  • Game Rating: 4

    Available for: PS3, Xbox 360.

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