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Buzz! Junior Jungle Party :: PS2 Game Review

Reviewed by on Nov 06, 2007
Rating: 5 Star Rating

Buzz in with multiplayer mini-games in this monkey-filled game for the Playstation 2! Gary goes ape and brings you his Buzz! game review here!

Four freaky monkeys are having a jungle party and you're invited in the Buzz! Junior Jungle Party game for the Playstation 2. What's the deal with the simian freakfest? It's a multiplayer game you play with buzzers - four gameshow style controllers that let you jump into the action with glowing red buttons. Gary sat his not-quite-a-monkey-butt down on the couch with a few furry friends and took this cool kids game for a spin. Here's his Buzz! Junior Jungle Party game review!

Go Ape!

Getting your game on here is all about sitting down with a few friends, grabbing the buzzers and playing the 25 different mini-games. You can play by yourself or with up to four players in games that last as long as you want. In each round, you play a game and score some bananas. Whichever money has the most bananas at the end of the game wins! It's just that simple.

Party Time

This game is so easy to play you can just about use your dog as a player! Seriously, even your parents could have fun. It's also a blast to play! From the awesome announcer to the glowing red button (must... push... red... button...) on the controller, this game is a hoot if you can round up some friends. Plus there's a farting gorilla. What's not to like about that?

Party Poopers

In the middle of all the monkeying around, there are some problems with this game. The biggest is that the single-player mode is a bit of a bummer. Sitting around playing with your buzzer all by yourself isn't much of a party. The ability to add some computer players to a two-player game would also have been nice.

King Kong or Bottom Banana?

If you've got friends, this game is a recipe for instant laughs! From the goofy announcer to the gassy gorilla, coconuts, bananas, and an excuse to scratch yourself and make monkey noises, this game is fun. The special controllers are cheap, and once you have 'em you can also grab the Buzz! The Mega Quiz game for some trickier trivia.

Thumbs Up:

  • The announcer is a hoot!
  • Lots of fun, fast mini-games to play.
  • Glowing red buttons. Every controller needs glowing red buttons!
  • Easy for anybody to play, even your parents!
  • Even with the Buzzers, it's cheap.
  • Thumbs Down:

  • Gets boring fast without friends.
  • Game Rating: 5

    Available for: PS2.

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