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Quiz the Coach - I Want to Figure Skate!

Reviewed by on Dec 12, 2007
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So I have decided I wanna figure skate. The problem is that I havent even skated before. Where do I start?

So ya dig sports but need some help with your game? Don't understand some of the rules of football, basketball or hockey? Got a gripe about P.E. class, skateboarders, cheerleading, coaches, or anything? Why not ?

1Hey Coach,

I have decided I wanna figure skate. Team sports don't do it for me much. I think figure skaters are beautiful and so graceful out there. The problem is that I haven't even skated before. Where do I start?

That is great you want to become a figure skater, it sounds like it might be the right fit for you. So the next step is getting you on the ice! Learning how to be a good skater comes first and foremost before you start worrying about triple axles or skating outfits. Remember to always try things first before you decide you want to do it. You have to find out if you even like being on skates.

Go to your local ice rink and inquire about basic skating lessons. Make sure to stretch, because like running or playing soccer, skating is a physical activity and you can get injured. Dress warm, as ice rinks are cold. Don't worry about buying skates, the rink should have skates you can rent. Make sure to dress comfortably and in layers, because you will be falling on your behind a lot. But don't let the first day discourage you if you don't pick it up right away. You know what they say - Rome wasn't built in a day, and neither were figure skaters. Be patient and keep practicing!

When you start getting the hang of skating and decide you enjoy doing it, then start looking into getting private lessons. Most skating rinks already have a figure skating program, so there are teachers or instructors you can get lessons from. At this point, you should look into getting your own pair of figure skates because they are made to make some of the movements made by figure skaters.

I think as long as you maintain your passion for the sport, you will be just fine. Figure skating is a great sport and you can really express yourself in a more creative way than you could maybe playing soccer or volleyball. The physical rewards are good too. Figure skating gives you an excellent cardio workout and it helps with your balance and coordination. You can be the next Sasha Cohen - just remember to keep practicing, have a good attitude and never get discouraged!

Do you need tips or advice on sports, fitness or health? to the Kidzworld Coach. Keep in mind peeps, the Kidzworld Coach isn't a doctor or a professional athlete or anything like that. He's just a dude who digs sports, plays 'em and knows a lot about 'em. You should always talk to your 'rents, a doctor or your school gym teacher before starting a new sport or a new exercise.

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