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Dark Chocolate Coconut Fondue | Cook With Amber

This fondue is creamy, chocolatey, and has a hint of coconut. It's not only decadent, it's a healthier option, because it's made with coconut milk instead of heavy cream, and dark organic chocolate, which has health benefits! This is the fondue that I shared on the Oscar Red Carpet pre-show on the E! network.The recipe is on my website, at m.Enjoy!- Ambe

About Cook With Amber

Hi, I'm Amber, and I think being healthy is COOL! It makes you smarter, stronger, and most importantly, it makes you FEEL GOOD. After I got teased at school for not having cool pre-packaged foods in my lunches, I decided to start this cooking show - because I knew anyone who tried our delicious family recipes would be converted! So if you are looking for fresh, mouth-watering, healthy recipes that are fun to make, you've come to the right place!