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24 Hour Challenge EXPOSED!

For this 24 hour challenge, I wanted to make sure that I exposed the truth behind the 24hrs challenge. This is also a 24 hour challenge parody! I did the 24 hour challenge in an abandoned park! Can you imagine? 24 hours, overnight, in an abandoned haunted park? While I was trapped overnight in an abandoned park, I found secret hidden clues! I just couldn't believe my eyes when I saw the secret hidden message! Who finds a secret hidden code in an abandoned, haunted park? What luck I had that I found a mystery note with clues! And if spending 24 hours in an abandoned spooky park wasn't enough, I also found a secret mystery box! It was like finding an Amazon mystery box to unbox! Could you imagine, unboxing an amazon mystery box, in the middle of an abandoned haunted park? I'm surprised I didn't have to unbox an ebay mystery box too! I just couldn't believe my luck when I found all the ingredients for fluffy slime! And when I added rocks to it, I had fluffy crunchy slime! During my #24hourchallenge in an abandoned park, I also did the 3am challenge and played an amazing game of, the floor is lava challenge! I also learned, how to make a fire for survival! And I got to show you, what's in my bag! And I got to show you what's in my backpack! My favorite park of the 24 hour challenge was decoding the secret hidden message and opening the secret mystery box. Oh and ofcourse, finding the secret hidden message while exploring the abandoned, haunted park! Make sure you do exactly what the secret hidden message says! Also, make sure your friends do the same or else they won't be able to open the secret mystery videos that are coming soon! Remember, this is a parody of the 24 hour challenge. And a good 24 hour challenge includes enough key words in the description to make sure you understand that this is #24hourchallenge that includes a #mysterybox while #exploringabandoned parks! Read down below for even more clues to this 24hrs challenge! Oh and make sure you watch the whole 24 hour challenge video! You don't want to miss out on the clues!

About Hashtag Zoe

I'm Hashtag Zoe, I'm 15 and I make comedy videos every Friday and relatable lifestyle videos every Tuesday! Ultimately, my goal is to make people happy and help make your day a little brighter.