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How To Stop Daydreaming In Class!

Caught spacing out in science class? Dreaming about Selena Gomez in social studies? Don't worry! Jeremy's here with some great tips to keep you from losing focus - just make sure you keep your eyes on the video! PROBLEM SOLVED is a batteryPOP original! batteryPOP is the digital kids network! We feature hours of fun, kid-safe videos from cartoons to comedy to music and more! Check our channel for new shows and shorts as well as classic kids stuff you know and love!

About Problem Solved

Being a kid is hard! But fear not, because Jeremy is here to give you the tips and tricks every kid needs to navigate the craziness of life. Advice on getting a higher allowance, how to pretend you’re not daydreaming, even dance moves for the uncoordinated. Ask Jeremy for any advice you need, but be prepared to look for a second opinion.