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Free Wii, Crash Contest, BOOM BLOX, Elementeo and More!

May 05, 2008

Take a deep breath as you get ready for the awesome that is this week's game news and previews! The biggest news is that we have a new contest that lets you put your artwork into the upcoming Crash Bandicoot: Mind over Mutant video game! We also have a BOOM BLOX preview video, an interview with the 14 year-old kid behind Elementeo, LEGO Indiana Jones news, emo teen Spyro's new adventure, what's up with the Wii and a sneak peek at the upcoming MapleStory card game set - P3TS! Check it all out, plus the list of all the new games that drop this week for every game system from Nintendo DS to Xbox 360, Wii, PS3, PSP and even for your PC!

Wii Want You to be a Winner!

And we're making it easy. Here are both ways you could score your very own incredibly awesome, Nintendo Wii.
  • Be a Kidzworld Member - Membership is free and it may earn you a Wii!
  • Invite a Heap of Friends to Kidzworld - Get the most friends to sign up for Kidzworld accounts and you'll win a Wii!

  • Now, cross your fingers and check out our Wii Sweepstakes!

    Get Into the Game!

    This contest is now closed and we can't take any more entries. A huge thank-you to all the people who sent in their awesome artwork!

    For more info, head to:
  • Crash Bandicoot: Mind over Mutant :: Game Preview
  • Game Designer and Boss at 14

    Anshul Samar is the CEO of a company, designer of the Elementeo game, and his sister's boss (kind of...) - all at age 14! Gary chatted with him about fame, his $1,000,000 plan and more. Click below to check it out!
  • Elementeo :: Developer Chat with 14 Year-Old Anshul Samar


    This new Wii game from Steven Spielberg and EA lets you blow stuff up. Lots of stuff. Click this link to download the video trailer and see the explosions in action!
  • BOOM BLOX - Video Trailer - .wmv file (10MB)
  • BOOM BLOX - Video Trailer - .mov file (15MB)
  • What Video Games are Dropping This Week?

  • May. 6 - Sword of the Stars Collector's Edition for PC.
  • May. 6 - R-Type Command for PSP.
  • May. 6 - BOOM BLOX for Wii.
  • May. 6 - Speed Racer for DS and Wii.
  • May. 6 - The Dog Island for Wii.
  • Click Here for the rest of the news, including free MapleStory pets, a Speed Racer exclusive, Spyro the emo teen dragon and LEGO Indiana Jones!

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