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Final Fantasy X, DOA3, 007 and Pac-Man

Reviewed by on Dec 27, 2006
Rating: 1 Star Rating

Final Fantasy X is gonna make it in time, the Xbox is coming out with extras for DOA3, 007 is traveling the console world and Pac-Man is coming back!

1Final Fantasy X for the Playstation 2 is doing the impossible - it's coming out early! Rather than waiting 'til after Christmas, you'll be able to play the super-cool game on Christmas day. There's not going to be enough to go around so you'd better let Santa know fast if you want yours!

1Xbox fans rejoice! Dead or Alive 3 is getting an add-on disc packed full of all the stuff was only supposed to come out in Japan. Now you can get all the extra costumes and goodies that make the incredible game even better.

1If you like the sound of James Bond 007... Agent Under Fire but don't have a Playstation 2, don't worry. It's no secret that the secret agent is doing some console hopping. Soon you'll be able to save the world with Bond on the Xbox and Gamecube.

1Who's the coolest dot in the game world? Pac-Man! The great granddaddy of all video game characters is still kicking around. Namco just let everyone know that the dot is making a comeback in Pac-Man World 2 for the Gamecube and the Playstation 2.

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