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Sonic Chaos: Bosses :: WiiWare Walkthrough

Feb 06, 2009

This classic Sonic game lets you play as Sonic or Tails across 6 zones. Tails has the ability to hover using Up and 2 on the Wiimote, but he can't find the chaos emeralds. He also has the benefit of having an easier time, because he starts off with three continues and five lives.

Sonic has the speed dash instead of a hovering ability, and when he collects 100 rings in a single level, he warps to a Special Stage to attempt to catch one of the five Chaos Emeralds in this game. Collecting them all before you beat Robotnik at the end gives you a special ending! Click here to find out what to do in the Special Stages.

Cheat Codes

This is the exact same game that appeared on the SEGA Master System in 1993, so the same cheats still work!

Level Select: On the title screen, press Up, Up, Down, Down, Right, Left, Right, Left, 2 on the Wiimote.

Sound Test: To hear the music and sound effects of the game, go to the title screen and press Down, Down, Up, Up, Left, Right, Left, Right, 1, 2, Start (Plus). You may have to reset from the Home Menu to get back into the regular game.


Zone 1 Boss: This guy's easy. Just get on level ground in front of him, and press down with the 2 button to spin dash at him. Repeat this several times until he blows up. If you're tails, just jump on his head several times.

Zone 2 Boss: This caterpillar-looking enemy sends the bottom piece of himself bouncing up and down, then the next highest piece straight along the ground, then repeats that process until he's nothing but a head, when he regenerates. You have to jump and hit his head piece several times. This can get difficult depending on how tall he is at that point, but if you get hit, just grab the ring that flies out of you while you're flashing and invincible, and you'll be fine.

Zone 3 Boss: This walker sort of guy moves around and bounces while shooting stuff down and to the left. You have to jump on top of him as much as you can, but his bouncing makes this difficult. Again, as long as you can catch the ring that flies out of you, you will always be okay, but there's a small problem when he hits you in the air. Then, your ring might fly off-screen, which means you just lost it forever. If you get hit again after that, you're toast. Try to time your jumps to at least make sure you get over his shots and hopefully also hit him at the same time.

Zone 4 Boss: Probably the easiest of them. He sits on a tree on the right edge of the screen. Just jump on top of him while he's at the bottom, and stay there. Unlike most of the bosses, it's easy to keep in balance right over his head, which allows you to just stay there, out of harm's way, until he explodes, when you need to make sure you don't land on the spikes below.

Zone 5 Boss: Starts off with lots of tiny robots. Just jump on each of them twice, and make sure you're in a ball. Then the boss comes out, in sort of a ball shape, shooting small objects. Jump on him from any angle you can over and over, collecting your rings if you lose them. The stuff he shoots out isn't that hard to dodge, but it is difficult to stay with him, so just keep jumping up to him. After you finish that stage of the boss, he will go up into the sky and start shooting missiles which are hard to dodge. If you get hit, again, just make sure you catch your ring. When he comes back down (just his lower half) jump up and hit him one last time to beat him, in the upper-right corner of the screen.

Zone 6 Boss: You may miss the rings in this level, but they're in a tube going up after you jump off of the little cart that goes down a slope. Once you reach Robotnik, the final boss, jump on top of the metal bit with Robotnik in it. He'll either shoot straight left, shoot a rebounding shot that bounces around the edges of the screen, or jump up. This is a lot like the boss from Zone 3. After you get in enough hits, watch him turn into a saucer craft like a UFO and zip off-screen. Now he'll fly across the screen over and over, and if he hits you, you're dead, with no chance to catch your rings. You have to time a jump correctly onto his craft just once, and you've beaten the game. He'll zoom across the screen low twice, then sort of up high twice. Just take your time and dodge him until you feel like you can hit him. Hopefully, if you've been collecting Chaos Emeralds, you should have plenty of continues to keep trying anyway.

Beating Robotnik here will either give you a "Try Again" ending or a special "real" ending, depending on whether or not you've collected all 5 Chaos Emeralds. Either way, congrats on beating Sonic Chaos!

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