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Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's Stardust Accelerator: World Championship 2009 :: Fast Money

Jun 23, 2009

Last week's Beginner's Deck Building Guide stressed the importance of buying lots of booster packs. Not only will you get more options for themes and support cards, but you will also be able to unlock cards and can use the eight digit codes found on the bottom of real life cards to buy another copy of the card. This is especially useful if you want to have three copies of the same card in your deck.

The Point of Dueling is Duel Points

In order to buy booster packs and unlocked cards, you will need to have Duel Points, or DP. If you duel the characters found in the story mode, you can earn between 200-300 DPs for every victory. This can get you two booster packs or one or two unlocked cards, which is not too bad.

Unfortunately, in order to unlock every single card in the game, you will need roughly 1 million duel points, depending on how lucky you are with the random booster packs. Earning 200-300 for every won duel that can last up to 20 minutes is not a good use of your time when you need lots of DPs fast.

Luckily, if you can connect to Nintendo Wi-fi, you will be able to access the leaderboards and download ghosts that will duel you using the decks of real life players around the world.

DP Ghosts

The amount of duel points earned from beating these leaderboard ghosts will depend on their ranking. The lower ranked ghosts, which can be downloaded from the daily local lists, are ranked around 2500 and can earn you over 600 DPs per fight. The highest ranked ghosts are the all time world champions that have a rank of 5000. Providing that you can beat them, you can earn over 1200 DPs every battle.

You will want to look for ghosts with very poor stats. Even ghosts ranked around 4500 can have very little yellow in their pentagon, which means that their deck is not very strong. While a normal, human player may have a good strategy for that deck, a computer guided ghost will not and your beginner deck will have a chance against it.

Shawn's Ghost

There is a special ghost named Shawn that appears on top of the ranks every now and then. This ghost has a rank of 65535 and, if you beat it, you will earn over 16000 DPs! In a mere 60 battles, you can easily have 1 million duel points and be set for the rest of the game.

To find the ghost, go to the leaderboard and change the tabs to Top, World, All Time. Then hit the orange refresh button on the top right. If the ghost is available, it should be on the very top of the list and you will be able to download it and will have 24 hours to defeat it as many times as you can before it is deleted from your Nintendo DS.

Shawn's deck varies from time to time. If you are not lucky, then he will have an Exodia deck with five copies of each card, allowing him for easy victory. If lady luck is on your side, then he will have a deck that will only have level 5 and above normal monsters, which means he cannot do anything and you can just beat him up with your monsters. If you are especially blessed by luck, then Shawn will have no cards in his deck at all, which means he will lose as soon as it is his turn!

It should be clear by now that Shawn's Ghost has a hacked deck and ranking, which is why it can not always be found on the leaderboards. Usually, you will be able to find it on the weekends, but it all depends on luck and timing. If you do not want to earn duel points by dueling a hacked ghost, then you can still earn a good amount by dueling regular ghosts with weak decks.

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