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Star Wars The Clone Wars: Republic Heroes Game Q&A :: Kul Teska

Jul 10, 2018

Check out the second in our series of exclusive interviews with makers of Star Wars The Clone Wars: Republic Heroes, set to be released on October 6, 2009.

This week we asked assistant producer Cris “Soup” Lee about the Kul Teska character in the game.

Kul Teska

KW: Who is Kul Teska?
CL: Kul Teska is a brand new character to the Star Wars Clone Wars Universe, being introduced for the first time in "Republic Heroes." He's Skakoan (like Wat Tambor) and a "blaster-for-hire" if you will, much like fellow competitor Cad Bane.

Kul was one of the most brilliant scientific minds of the Techno Union until a pressure suit accident left his body irreparably damaged. Shamed by his disfiguration, he left the public eye to concentrate on his own personal experiments. Using his highly advanced knowledge in cybernetics, he was able to rebuild his pressure suit into an arsenal of destruction and deal retribution on those who had shunned him. His reputation as a ruthless villain has since rivaled the likes of Cad Bane, Aurra Sing, and even the Confederacy's own Asajj Ventress.

KW: How does he fit into the game's storyline?
CL: His most recent research in the field of gravity bomb technology, has captured the attention of Count Dooku.

KW: What is his aim in the game?
CL: You'll have to play to find out!

Kul Teska

KW: What's his personality like?
CL: He's highly intelligent, creative and driven, he has a brash attitude with a short fuse and isn't intimidated by anyone (not even the Jedi!).

KW: What "equipment" does he carry/have?
CL: He wears a customized pressure suit with some cybernetic enhancements as well as some deadly weaponry including a grappling hook, rotary blaster cannon, rocket launchers, hover jets and more ...

KW: What went into developing this character for the game?
CL: It was a collaborative effort between Krome Studios, Lucasarts, and Lucasfilm Animation to create a unique and intriguing new villain for the Star Wars Clone Wars Universe; from conception to revision we've all come together and really detailed out and imagined an amazing character. From his arsenal to his attitude it will be great to see how the fans will react to him!

KW: Will players love him or hate him - and why?
CL: He's a character that really grows on you. He may be a villain in "Republic Heroes" but he has his reasons. He's a jack of all trades: he's intelligent, he's an engineer, and he's got a big chip on his shoulder. Also being a new character he's a bit of an enigma since we don't know his full story yet. All of us here in Production love Kul, he's such a classic villain in the sense; you love him because you love to hate him, and he definitely gives our heroes a challenge!

Find out more at The official Star Wars The Clone Wars: Republic Heroes website.

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