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The Sims :: PC Cheat Codes

Dec 27, 2006

Using cheat codes in The Sims is a blast, it makes you wish the cheats worked in real life not just in The Sims. The Sims is all about having a virtual family of 'Sims' that act just like a real family. But real families have bratty kidz (you aren't a brat are you?) annoying parents, big messes and other problems. These cheat codes for The Sims let you stop stressing about virtual problems and get back to having fun with Sims downloads, cool skins and more.

There are a ton of versions of The Sims game out now for your computer. You can play The Sims, The Sims: Livin' Large, The Sims: Hot Date, The Sims: Vacation and soon you'll be able to play The Sims online. All these games have one thing in common - cheats. They use the same cheat codes all the time so it's totally easy to cheat on any of the expansions for The Sims.

To enter the cheat codes in The Sims you need to open the cheat popup by pressing Alt + Ctrl + Shift + C. When the cheat box pops up, type in your cheat code and hit 'Enter' to activate the cheat.

The biggest cheat code for The Sims is the cashola cheat - once you're loaded with bling bling everything else is a lot easier! The cheat code to fill your pockets with 1000 Simoleons is 'klapacious' if you have The Sims without the patch or it is 'rosebud' if you have The Sims with the patch.

The next cheat you'll need for The Sims is the repeat-a-cheat code: ';!' It lets you repeat the cheat you've typed in without retyping the whole thing. So to cheat and get lots of cash type in: 'rosebud;!;!;!;!;!;!' and you'll get 7,000 Simoleons!

Once you mastered those cheat codes for The Sims you'll want to play around with the other cheats. The game is full of 'em - check this list!

Add new family history stat to the current family hist_add
Architecture tools automatically set the level as needed auto_level
Import and load the selected FAM file import [FAM file]
Load the selected house. house [house number]
Crash game crash
Create moat or streams water_tool
Create-a-character mode edit_char
Display personality and interests interests
Draw all animation frames on/off draw_all_frames [on/off]
Draw colored dots at each person's origin draw_origins
Enable debug flag to show outcome choice dialogs for social interactions debug_social
Move any object move_objects on
No tutorial object generation when tutorial house is
tutorial off
Restore tutorial restore_tut
Prevent web browser crashes browser_failsafe
Turn preview animations on/off preview_anims on/off
Turn Ticks on/off sweep on/off
Turn Routing debug balloons on/off route_balloons [on/off]
Turn Tile information tile_info on/off
Turn on/off allowing visitors to be controlled using the keyboard visitor_control
Turn assets report on/off report_assets
Turn automatic object reset feature on/off auto_reset
Turn calls to PeekMessage within sim loop on/off sim_peek
Turn camera mode on/off cam_mode
Turn Floorable grid on/off draw_floorable on/off
Turn Map editor on/off map_edit on/off
Turn display of unavailable interactions in person control menus on/off all_menus
Turn music on/off music
Turn object compression in save file on/off obj_comp
Turn sounds on/off sound
Turn web page creation on/off html
Programmer stats tile_info
Quit game quit
Rotate camera rotation [0-3]
Save currently loaded house save
Save family history file history
Say "plugh" plugh
Say "porntipsguzzardo" porntipsguzzardo
Say "xyzzy" xyzzy
Show/Hide Selected person's path draw_routes on/off
Set free thinking level autonomy [1-100]
Set game speed sim_speed [-1000-1000]
Set grass change value edit_grass [number]
Set grass growth grow_grass [0-150]
Set lot size lot_size [number]
Set maximum milliseconds to allow simulator sim_limit [milliseconds]
Set Sim speed sim_speed [-1000 - 1000]
Set time of day (unpatched game only) set_hour [1-24]
Set z offset for thought bubbles bubble_tweak [z offset value]
Sets whether menu items appear for in use objects allow_inuse
Swap the two house files and updates families swap_houses [house number] [house number]
Reload all people skeletons, animations, suits and skins reload_people
Trigger sound event soundevent

Load up The Sims with these cheats and have a blast as you cheat your way to the virtual lifestyle of your dreams!

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