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Ragnarok DS :: Job Guide

Jul 20, 2015

There are 14 jobs in Ragnarok DS that are from the PC version of the game. Of these original 14, seven of them are available immediately as a first job for any character. After advancing through a first job, a second job will be unlocked for the character to take. Each first job has a different second job. For example, the second job for Swordsman is Knight while for Archer, it is Hunter.

In addition to the original 14 jobs, there are two jobs that can only be found in the DS version of Ragnarok: Dark Knight and Shaman. However, there is no second job to unlock for these two new jobs.

Swordsman and Knight

The Swordsman is the most basic close range fighter in the game. The job comes with lots of HP and a fast attack speed. The Swordsman and Knight can also equip very strong armor with high defense stats. Because of this, it is a good idea to send your Swordsman to the front of the battle and absorb damage, protecting your weaker characters.

The Swordsman and Knight can use fire element skills. When upgrading stats, choose to boost strength, vitality, and dexterity to make a good tank that can take and give solid hits.

Magician and Wizard

The Magician and Wizard are powerful range attackers that use magic to damage enemies, often many of them at once! However, the job usually involves weak defense and you cannot equip good armor either. Still, do not waste time boosting any stat other than intelligence and agility, you want to make those magic attacks hurt as much as possible. If you have them, use the Isilla and Wanderer cards on equipment to help the Magician's flee rate. The Succubus card is also good for the Magician/Wizard, as it boosts HP.

Archer and Hunter

The Archer and Hunter can attack from close up and far away. However, it is probably a better idea to focus on range attacks because there are very few jobs that allows you to do so. When the character takes the second job of Hunter, he will be able to lay traps and also use a Falcon to fight.

Boost mainly the agility and dexterity of the Archer and Hunter and get him the best bow that you can find. Do not bother giving him a dagger.

Thief and Assassin

The dagger is much better for the Thief and Assassin. The goal of this job is to focus on the critical hits. When levelling up, focus on boosting the agility and luck stats. Once you can take the Assassin job, you will be able to use the Katar weapon, which doubles the critical hit rate. Combined with the double attack skill, this is very deadly! Do boost the strength stat a little too, as you cannot always depend on a critical hit.

Acolyte and Priest

As one of the only support jobs in the game, you should not be using the Acolyte/Priest to fight. Instead, keep them away from the battle and use them to heal and boost the attack and defense of the other characters. Do your best to keep this character alive, because his ability to revive is important. Intelligence, vitality, and luck should be the stats that you focus on for these two jobs. If you have good cards that boost magicial "attack", you can use them for your Acolyte/Priest so that you do not need to boost the luck stat as much and can focus on other things.

Merchant and Blacksmith

The Merchant and Blacksmith is a powerful attacking job, able to dish out the most damage. The Magnitude skill, combined with good strength and dexerity stats, is probably the best attack in the whole game. It will be very useful in the Mirage Tower. Along with strength and dexterity, you should also boost vitality for the Merchant/Blacksmith. If you have a Phreoni card, you can use that instead of focusing a lot on dexerity.

Taekwon Kid and Taekwon Master

This close up fighting job is neat because you do not equip any weapons. Focus on boosting the strength and dexerity stat so that he can continue to do a lot of damage even without a weapon. Of course, put some points into vitality too so that he can survive in the front lines.

Dark Knight

The Dark Knight can use the axe, sword, and spear weapons. He has a pretty high critical hit rate, which makes him a bit like the Thief and Assassin. As such, focus on boosting agility, strength and luck when you use him. The Muramasa sword is very good for this job.


The Shaman is the only other support job in the game, but is not better than the Acolyte/Priest. He is able to restore HP and SP and can boost the elemental damage of your other characters. Also, he can inflict status effects on enemies, but this is not that useful in the long run. Like with the Acolyte/Priest, focus on boosting the intelligence and vitality stats.

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