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Super Monkey Ball Step & Roll :: Tips and Tricks

Feb 18, 2010

There is no doubt that Super Monkey Ball is super fun, but it can get frustrating when you keep dying in the same part of a level over and over again. The first three world (Jungle Island, Excavation Site, and Chimpan Sea) are pretty easy, since there are plenty of rails to help you along. However, started with the fourth world, the Far East, the game gets a lot harder.

General Tips

Unless you are incredibly light on your feet, you will be better off using the Wiimote instead of the Balance Board to play Super Monkey Ball Step & Roll. This is because the camera in the game moves around unpredictably and you will need to change how you are leaning on the board quickly in order to stay on the desired path. It is simply much easier to use your reflexes and make quick adjustments with the Wiimote.

If you are playing co-op, or just really want to use the Balance Board, you might want to run through the first three worlds a couple of times in order to get used to using the Balance Board. Learn to quickly slow down and stand still whenever the camera moves around and you will save yourself a lot of headache.


There are no achievements in this Wii game, but there are lots of things to find! First, you can unlock the seventh and final world in the game by completing the first six. Also, in each of the seven worlds in the game, there is a collectible banana to find and you can earn more bananas by completing certain milestones or tasks in game.

  • Unripe Banana : A banana that's ahead of its time. Its day will come soon ...
  • Ripened Banana: A super-sweet banana ripened over the ages.
  • Deep Sea Banana : A tender banana grown in the sea's black depths. Falls apart when exposed to light.
  • Sunrise Banana : A shining banana that seems to only appear during the most beautiful sunrise of the year.
  • Frozen Banana : A banana that's been frozen solid. You could hammer nails with this thing.
  • Flaming Banana : A fiery banana that smolders bright red. Best for primates who like it hot.
  • Techno Banana : A banana for robots. I wonder how they eat it?
  • ??? : For obtaining every collectible (with the exception of the Monkey Calorie related items)
  • Athletic Monkey : For moving around a lot as you completed a world.
  • Goal Hunter : For completing 100 stages.
  • Buzzer Beater : For reaching the goal with zero seconds left.
  • Plummeting Primate : For falling out of bounds a lot.
  • World Challenger : You've seen every world!
  • World Master : You've completed every world!
  • Mirror Monkey: For finishing worlds 1 through 6 in Mirror mode.
  • Banana-phile: For grabbing all the bananas in every stage.
  • Banana-phobe : For completing a stage without grabbing a single banana.
  • Solid Monkey : For hardly moving at all while completing a world.
  • Lucky Monkey: For having a total score that has the same digit repeated. (For example, you can get 5555 in the first practice level by beating it in 54.55 seconds)
  • Switch Hitter : For monkeys who just love switches.
  • Wormhole Roamer : For monkeys who can't get enough of wormholes.
  • Ranking King: For achieving the top rank in all the worlds in Single Play mode!
  • Pair Ranking King: For achieving the top rank in all the worlds in Co-op Play mode!
  • Top Teammate: For finishing all worlds in Co-op play.
  • Total Cleaner: For destroying all obstacles in a single world during Co-op play.
  • Destroyer: For destroying lots of obstacles.
  • Balanced Monkey : For completing every stage in a single world with the same zest! (Requires Balance Board)
  • Marathon Monkey: For finishing a full Marathon.
  • Marathon Roller : For traveling 26.219 miles.
  • Positive Primate : For never giving up despite repeated continues.
  • Teacher's Primate: For putting in lots of practice.
  • Advanced Diploma : For great achievements in the Jam dojo.
  • ??? : For those who just love Jam to bits
  • Replay Gourmet : For saving lots of replays.
  • Credits Cruncher : For a perfect performance during the Staff Credits Game.
  • ??? : For burning lots of Monkey Calories! (Requires Balance Board)

The Final Level

In the final level of the seventh world, there is a warp gate that is hard to reach. It is located at the end of a tight curve. In order to get to this warp gate, make sure that you approach it from the right side raised wall and not the left. Once you get to the last curve, take it as slow as possible and lean against the raised wall. With the right amount of pressure, you should not fall off on the left side. Once you are close enough to the warp bubble, move quickly into it. Once through, move quickly to the second warp bubble and you will end up by the exit!

When watching the credits, you can play a mini-game, or skip the credits by holding down the A button for about 3 seconds.

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