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Runner Runner Q&A

Jul 10, 2018

We recently had a chance to ask an amazing new band called Runner Runner some of our most burning questions … watch the video, then read their answers and find out more about these five talented guys and their music, which has been called a more pop version of Green Day!

Exclusive Video Shout-Out!

Kidzworld: How did you come together to form a band?
Runner Runner: We all knew each other from playing in different bands, sometimes together. We knew each other for a long time and decided to just get together and see what happened. We enjoyed it and kept going.

Kidzworld: Who are some of your musical influences/fave musicians of all time?
Runner Runner: The Cars, Cheap Trick, Lady GaGa, Green Day, Tom Petty, The Raspberries, Taylor Swift, it’s all over the place! Great songs are what we like and if they have great songs we love them immediately.

Kidzworld: Are there any musicians you'd REALLY like to work with?
Runner Runner: That’s hard to answer because we love and respect so many. How about anyone who wants to work with us?

Kidzworld: How does it feel to be the first signee to David Letterman's Worldwide Pants Inc. music label, Clear Entertainment/C.E. Music?
Runner Runner: It’s an honor as we all love Dave’s show and we have forever. It’s a great family to be part of.

Kidzworld: How would you describe your sound and what makes you different?
Runner Runner: Our sound is what happens when five friends get together and play! As a musician or songwriter you are what you grew up listening to. Influence is how you turn out. I’m not sure that makes anyone different, it’s just a different way of your influences combining and that becomes your personal interpretation. Like a recipe, it gets handed down from family member to family member; each person makes it their own.

Kidzworld: Love your band's name! How'd you come up with it and does it mean anything?
Runner Runner: Runner Runner is a poker term. It means against the odds. If you are behind in your hand and if the last two cards come out in your favor to win the just went runner runner. Luck, that’s a key ingredient in life.

Kidzworld: What inspires you, in terms of your lyrics?
Runner Runner: Songs are inspired by everything, life experiences, conversations, movies, the world around you, a book, a person, you never know. It just hits you and you go: OK I need to write a song about that.

Kidzworld: Are there any particular messages you want to get out there through your music?
Runner Runner: We’re just trying to share our experiences through song. No messages, no deep hidden meanings.

Kidzworld: What's coming up for you as a band/what are you working on now?
Runner Runner: We’re getting ready to tour with Secondhand Serenade and The White Tie Affair. This will be awesome, we love those bands and they are friends of ours. We hope to just stay on the road forever. Playing live is the biggest thrill and you can’t get enough of that.

Kidzworld: What do you guys do when you're not playing/performing/writing songs?
Runner Runner: We have a lot of hobbies and interests. Let’s see. Surfing, bike riding, playing poker, reading, writing music, going to the gym, movies, just having fun!

Kidzworld: Are you doing anything special/different to get the word out about the band? We saw the viral stop motion video you made for So Obvious - how did that come about?
Runner Runner: The stop motion video was made by a friend of ours and us, just having some fun with it. All we’re doing is touring and having fun connecting with people on our Facebook. I know we have some television coming up, hopefully music on the radio. The rest of the things going on, we know very little about, that’s record company stuff. We’re just a bunch of guys playing in a band living a dream.

Video: So Obvious

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