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Chuck E. Cheese, Commander, and Motor Toon Grand Prix

Jul 23, 2010

Keep up-to-date with all the latest video game releases! Kidzworld has all the latest games to keep watch for. This week, we preview Chuck E. Cheese's Party Games, Commander: Conquest of the Americas, and Motor Toon Grand Prix!

Chuck E. Cheese's Party Games

This week, you can have the Chuck E. Cheese experience on your Nintendo Wii through over 15 mini-games, from air hockey to Whack-A-Munch to arcade games. By beating these games, you earn tickets just like in a real Chuck E. Cheese, allowing you to get any of over 50 virtual prizes! You can make pizzas, play Skee-Ball, or race out on the track with one of six playable avatars, all working toward the secret ultimate prize! And with the Wii motion controls, it's just like being there where a kid can be a kid.

Commander: Conquest of the Americas

You can relive the American colonial era in commander, a historical trading/strategy game coming out this week. Using one of seven different countries, you can colonize anywhere from Hudson Bay to the Caribbean in your attempt to take control of the New World. Needless to say, you will face conflicts with both other Europeans and the Native Americans, and naval battles are played out in gorgeous 3D detail under your control. In fact, you can even command your ships from a realistic viewpoint on-deck, with soldiers operating cannons all around you.

Commander: Conquest of the AmericasCourtesy Paradox Interactive

Motor Toon Grand Prix

Motor Toon Grand Prix is a classic PS1 game coming out as a Playstation Network download this week. The creator of Gran Turismo made this awesome kids' racing game right before creating the famous race simulator series. Like Mario Kart, you get to pick a character (like the Penguin Bros. or Pilot Captain Rock) and use weapons against opponents' cars to put yourself over that finish line first. The graphics are amazing for the original Playstation, with sweet cartoon style. If you don't mind being old-school for a bit, this is one heck of a racing game.

Motor Toon Grand PrixCourtesy Sony

What Video Games are Dropping This Week?

  • July 23rd - Motor Toon Grand Prix for PS3 (download)
  • July 27th - Chuck E. Cheese's Party Games for Wii
  • July 30th - Commander: Conquest of the Americas for PC