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Convention Report :: PAX Prime 2010

Sep 10, 2010

Power Gig

This is no Rock Band knock off! You play the game using a real six-string guitar. You can play with the normal green, red, yellow, blue, orange fret "buttons" or try and learn to play the song with real chords. Best of all, once you learn the song, you can connect the guitar controller to an amp and rock out for real! The guitar is a bit heavy and the game is definitely not for beginners, but it also comes with a drum set and has vocals too. Definitely worth a look if you love rhythm games.

Kirby Epic Yarn

Nintendo's next big game is very cute and fun. We tried out the co-op mode where you can work with your partner to collect gem beads and fight bosses. It's also fun to just pick up your partner and throw them to break blocks.

Epic Mickey

There is a very interesting story and theme going on in this game, sure to please any Disney fan. You use the Wiimote to paint and erase the world around you. The artwork is beautiful, but the Wii isn't always powerful enough to demonstrate this.

PlayStation Move

We got some hands on time with the PlayStation Move and found it strangely lacking. Playing a boxing game, the motion detection still seems to be spotty and frustrating. As with the Wii however, as developers get used to the technology, the controller and games will surely improve.

Super Scribblenauts

Boy has this game improved! Not only is the controls for the game a million times better, but even the level design has improved, becoming more appropriate for a character with the ability to write anything and solve everything. In addition to all the nouns that you could write in the original game, you can now also use adjectives. Tiny flying polka-dot bathtub anyone?

Wakfu and Islands of Wakfu

If you have ever played DOFUS, the free tactical MMO, you will recognize the characters and background for these games. With beautiful art, Wakfu is a sequel of DOFUS and improves on the tactical MMO system. Islands of Wakfu, on the other hands, will be a console downloadable game and is more of a real-time, beat 'em up game. Both games play very well and are great fun, look out for them in the upcoming months.

Lost in Shadows

Hudson's puzzle platformer features great graphics, sound, and story. The game plays at a steady pace that is perfect. You play as a shadow that's trying to recollect its memory and find its physical body. You can manipulate objects and structures in the foreground to change the shadows that you stand on and open new paths. It looks simple, but the idea behind the game is so interesting and the game itself is so satifying that you will be hooked on it for hours without a doubt.

Final Fantasy: Four Heroes of Light

Great for JRPG fans, but pretty dull for most other people. The next [kwlink 22370]Final Fantasy[/kwlink] game for the DS doesn't seem to have many new features, but this may change as more news about the game is released in the upcoming weeks.

Lego Universe

This PC MMO has a lot going for it, including the ability to earn LEGO bricks from every LEGO set imaginable and then building whatever you want. You can even program objects, MINDSTORM style! However, the game uses a subscription pay model, which is not exciting at all.

Marvel vs. Capcom 3

Are you ready to decide the fate of two worlds? Lots of new characters in this new fighting game, including Dante, Tron Bonne, Deadpool and Super Skrull! Graphics are great and controls are smooth, up to Capcom standards.

Super Hero Squad

Another PC MMO enters the stage! Super Hero Squad lets you play as cartoony versions of your favourite Marvel heroes, including Spiderman, Hulk and Wolverine. Aside from missions and standing around looking cool, there will be competitive events and you might even be able to play as a villain! No pay model information is out yet, however.

Slam Bolt Scrappers

This indie game has almost everything in it! You fly around and beat up flying enemies, who then turn into puzzle/tetris blocks that you use to make colored squares. These squares will change into weapons and shields that will help you fight giant bosses, or even other players! It's a mix of beat 'em up, puzzle, and tower defense that is crazy fun.

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