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Back to the Future, Costume Quest, and Echochrome II

Dec 23, 2010

Keep up-to-date with all the latest video game releases! Kidzworld has all the latest games to keep watch for. This week, we preview Back to the Future, Costume Quest: Grubbins on Ice, and Echochrome II!

Back to the Future: The Game

From the makers of Sam & Max: Freelance Police and the Wallace & Gromit games comes a new set of graphic adventure titles based on the classic film Back to the Future. Marty McFly and Doc Brown (voiced by Christopher Lloyd) are up to their time-traveling adventures again, hoping to keep the continuum strong without messing up something else in the timestream! Learn more about the world and characters of the original film while meeting some new faces along your adventure. Get in your DeLorean and rev up to 88 miles per hour, and you'll be playing Back to the Future soon enough!

Costume Quest: Grubbins on Ice

The award-winning downloadable title Costume Quest gets an expansion pack called Grubbins on Ice this week, set in Repugia, a world where monsters rule. Just as soon as the kids are done saving Halloween from monsters, it's time to team up with those monsters to battle an even more evil monster named Araxia! Players may use new pirate, eyeball, and yeti costumes along with their special powers to battle.

Costume QuestCourtesy THQ

Echochrome II

The original Echochrome had players moving the level camera around to make unconnected areas seem connected, like making one of those M.C. Escher "infinite staircase" type paintings on the fly. Echochrome II still requires you to get your character from one side of a level to another, but this time, the character moves only on the shadows of the level cast by shining a flashlight (your PlayStation Move controller) at the screen. Yeah, it's a bit confusing. Blocks float in air in front of a wall, but you can make them seem connected if you create their shadow carefully, helping your character get across the level in another mind-bending puzzle classic from Sony.

Echochrome IICourtesy Sony

What Video Games are Dropping This Week?

  • December 21st - RISK: Factions for PS3
  • December 21st - Echochrome II for PS3
  • December 21st - Costume Quest: Grubbins on Ice for PS3 and Xbox 360
  • December 21st - Back to the Future: The Game for PC
  • December 29th - Raskulls for Xbox 360