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The Secret Circle: Season 1, Episode 19::Crystal

Apr 20, 2012

This week on The Secret Circle (Season 1, Episode 19) the circle seeks out each family’s crystals and the other Blackwell child in the circle is revealed! Read the Kidzworld recap of “Crystal”, which aired April 19, 2012, to find out what you missed!

Look Who’s Back

At the end of the last episode Blackwell convinced the circle that the only way to harness enough magic to defeat the witch hunters was to combine the crystals from each family into one ultra-powerful crystal - but that means finding out where The Elders, i.e. their grandparents, have hidden them. Cassie’s grandmother returns a full day early from the hospital and even though things between her and Blackwell have always been tense, Cassie begs her to give her father a second chance.

Cassie’s grandmother isn’t the only one back – while heading out to search for Melissa’s family crystal she and Jake run into Callum, the voodoo priest who deals Devil’s Spirit. Once he realises that Melissa isn’t the only witch in town, he’s hot on their trail. Meanwhile Diana and Aussie hottie Grant keep trying to spend the day together – he even plans a romantic day alone on the boat - but circle business keeps on getting in the way, and it might be Diana’s last chance to see him for a long time, since he sets sail the next day. While searching for the crystal, Faye discovers an old diary of her mother’s that reveals that she was once in love with Blackwell.

Coalmine Crystal

Jake, Faye and Cassie head to Jake’s crazy conspiracy-theory driven grandfather Royce’s house and are a confronted with walls covered in different theories, some involving them. He believes Blackwell is trying to turn all the covens dark, and to turn the Chance Harbor coven he had to infiltrate them from within by having dark magic children, and Jake spills that Isaac the witch hunter told him there was more than one Blackwell child in the circle and since she also found the diary Faye thinks it might be her. Royce tells the teens that he’s hidden his crystal deep in the mountains where magic won’t work and has also spelled it against dark magic. Callum comes in on his motorcycle and quickly steals away the map, but luckily Cassie had snapped a pic of it first and she sends it to Melissa and Adam who get there first.

The crystal is hidden in a creepy abandoned coalmine, and the iron blocks their powers, but Melissa and Adam still manage to grab the crystal only to find that Callum has followed them in there. Callum demands they turn over the crystal so he can sell it on the magic black market, Adam fights with him and the gun goes off, leading the teens to the fight. Callum escapes and takes off on his motorcycle with the crystal, but Faye stands in front of the moving bike hoping the near death experience will activate her dark magic the way it did for Cassie. Diana pushes her out of the way at the last minute and Cassie crashes Callum bike. Adam and Jake hold him down and mark him, warning him never to come back to Chance Harbor.

Secret Sisters

While the teens were searching for the crystals Cassie’s grandmother Jane and Charles teamed up to lure Blackwell into answering some questions by spelling a chair and holding him hostage without power , but using her crystal she finds out that he didn’t kill her daughter Amelia and decides not to kill him, but Charles (the actual killer!) jumps ahead and ignites the spelled candle anyway, only to accidentally kill Jane because clever Blackwell had anticipated this move and outfoxed them by switching out their charmed candles.

Faye seeks out Blackwell and shows him her mother’s diary, but he says that her mother was obsessed with him and that there is no way he could be her father. Cassie checks in on Diana at the end of the night and Diana tells her she needs a break from the circle, Cassie is taken aback since Diana started the circle and finds out that like herself Diana couldn’t enter the coalmine, which means she also has dark magic and they must be sisters! Diana is the other Blackwell child!

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