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Project Spark: Xbox One Game Preview

Sep 13, 2013

The Xbox One (along with PS4) has an incredible launch line-up set for day one buyers but some of the most exciting games are coming just shortly after launch, within the "launch-window" and a few of those exciting games are getting way too little attention at the moment, so let's change that. Let's talk about Project Spark on Xbox One!

Project Spark, published by Microsoft Studios, is poised to change the way we interact with our games. The game itself is basically an editor that is insanely intuitive, with players being able to sculpt incredible landscapes to full out original games, from their imagination, without any coding experience.

Thanks to Project Sparks built in editing tutorials, you'll be building your own creations in no time. The scripting editor (how you make objects interact with the world) is all visual based, with the player simply having to connect appropriate "jobs" to the object you are editing. As an example, If 'X' does "this" then 'Y' does "this". Once players get their hands on it, even the most inexperienced will be able to learn and produce great work to share with their friends.

Want to make a game like, Limbo? Go for it!Want to make a game like, Limbo? Go for it!

In the editor, it all starts with the sculpting tools and paint brushes. You're able to raise and lower terrain as you see fit, creating huge mountains our deep valleys. Rolling, grassy hills or a dry and barren desert. I have seen very few limitations in the editor so far and it all appears to work easily and quickly. There is even a tool that allows you to dig through terrain. So if you've already created a big hill, you're then able to burrow your way into it, creating a maze of underground tunnels. 

After that you're presented with the props and accessories to populate your world with. Trees, Castles, Goblins, whatever you like! After that it's on to creating the game types and such. You're able to create a plethora of genres within Project Spark, including Tower Defense, 2D adventures, retro, 3rd person action, puzzle and more...

Check out the video below, it showcases a bunch of games already created in Project Spark!


Project Spark is one of those games that is only going to grow over time. The longer players have it, the better creations they will come up with and share with the world. There will always be new stuff being uploaded and shared and I can't wait to get in on the fun myself. Hopefully, Project Spark on Xbox One lives up what the developers have been previewing. So far, all signs are looking positive!

Project Spark will be available on Xbox One (and PC) sometime during the launch-window.

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