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3 Reasons Why I'm Hyped On Forza 5

Apr 25, 2018

Forza Motorsport 5 is launching in less than 2 months on a whole new generation of hardware. Keep reading to find out about some features that have got me hyped on Forza 5 for Xbox One.

Forza Motorsport 5, only on Xbox One.Forza Motorsport 5, only on Xbox One.Courtesy of Microsoft/Turn 10

Cloud Powered

Turn 10 Studios, the developers of the Forza racing series have found a really interesting use for the cloud computing offered by Xbox One. Every single time you race, the game is recording your activity in real-time. The way you take turns, when you accelerate and when you brake, how aggressive you attack and so on and so on and so on...Seriously, the game tracks so much information it's insane, and then it sends all that information up into the cloud where it's crunched and calculated along with every other person that is playing Forza. After that, it's fired back down from the cloud into your game.

Forza 5's Cloud Powered AI is always learning from us.Forza 5's Cloud Powered AI is always learning from us.Courtesy of Microsoft/Turn 10

What this all means is that no longer is there the predictable, line tracing perfection of racing game A.I. Instead, that A.I. is replaced with "Drivatars", dynamic A.I. opponents based on the play styles of everyone else online. Every time you connect and boot up the game, more fresh information and new Drivatars are downloaded instantly in the background, then implemented into your game. Every race feels like your racing real people, because in a way, you are. This is a truly new and exciting feature for racing game enthusiasts

Haptic Feedback

Who wants more rumble motors? I do! Thanks to the additional rumble motors that are placed behind the triggers on the new xbox controller, you'll feel your car speaking to you like you never have with an in-hand controller. Sure it still can't compete with a high-end racing wheel but Xbox One's haptic feedback triggers are going to be the next best thing.

World Famous TracksWorld Famous TracksCourtesy of Microsoft/Turn 10

With the new rumble motors in place, you'll feel a wave of power move from your palm to your finger tips as you rev your cars engine. You'll feel your ABS breaks pulsing under your firm grip. You'll notice the different sensations of driving on tarmac, to brick, to gravel. All this new immersion is going to pull us deeper into the experience.

Of course, if you're completely adverse to the additional rumble motors, you'll be able to turn it off just as you can with todays racers.

Top Gear

Whether you're a racing enthusiast or just a casual fan, you've probably heard of the television show, Top Gear. It's one of the most popular shows in the world, features incredible cars and is hosted by three fantastically witty Brits. What does this have to do with Forza? Well all three hosts will be involved with Forza 5, lending their voices and possibly more.

I can tell you all three hosts are involved, they're going to give us some awesome structure in how we present our career to playersTurn 10 design lead Bill Giese said to Joystiq while giving a hands on demo of Forza 5.

Indistinguishable from the real thing...Welcome to ForzaVista.Indistinguishable from the real thing...Welcome to ForzaVista.Courtesy of Microsoft/Turn 10

Little else is really known about the wise-cracking Top Gear hosts involvement, so keep your ears to the ground for more info. It should start floating around soon, as the games launch date is quickly approaching!

The Forza 5 trailer below features all in-game footage...and it is gorgeous.

Forza Motorsport 5 will be available day one, when Xbox One launches, this November 22nd. Will it live up to the lofty expectations I have? We'll find out soon enough!

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