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Destiny: Game Preview

Dec 13, 2013

There's a lot of you out there that play Halo on Xbox, it's been a staple of the Xbox line-up since the original Xbox launch with games based around the Halo Universe being made for 10 years now. It's popularity is in no doubt due to the fantastic developers and community builders over at Bungie.

Destiny, from the creators of Halo.Destiny, from the creators of Halo.Courtesy of Bungie

Well, Bungie, the heart and fire behind the series recently moved on from Halo, leaving 343i to take up development, and are set to deliver what could be the next big thing for online shooters since, well, Halo. It's called Destiny, it looks awesome and it's coming for most home consoles!

The premise to Destiny in a nutshell is that you play as a Guardian, the last defenders of humanity, and are set to protect Earth's last city. There are 3 distinct races to choose from when selecting your Guardian and after choosing a race, you then choose which class of Guardian to be.

The camera pulls into 3rd person when pulling off special moves.The camera pulls into 3rd person when pulling off special moves.Courtesy of Bungie

You can choose between Hunters, Warlocks or Titans each with their own weapon types and attributes. Warlocks for example use a combination of weapons and magic, where as the Titan specializes in strength and heavy weapons.

Destiny is also a game designd around a shared universe with your friends, and strangers. Think of of like an MMO shooter but it looks and plays like a Halo game.

travel to the moon and other distant stars and planetstravel to the moon and other distant stars and planetsCourtesy of Bungie

It's a 1st-person shooter at it's heart though and Bungie is always quick to point out it's actually not an MMO. While the game can be played solo, you're encouraged to play connected, where your friends can drop in and out of co-op play and you'll also stumble across epic "Public Events" while exploring. These Public Events consist of various random objectives like rallying together to take down a big boss and it's where the real fun and excitement will come from. You're definitely going to want to play Destiny online. Check out the awesome trailer below.

Destiny Trailer: The Moon


Destiny finally has a release date of September of 2014. It was planed for a Spring release but Bungie needs a little more time. Destiny is a big and ambitious game with many planets to explore and enemies to defeat so it should be worth the wait, especially with Bungie at the helm.

Destiny will be available on Xbox One, PS4, Xbox 360 and PS3

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