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New Rock Band, Stream Store and Shadow of Mordor

Mar 05, 2015

So much gaming news this week because of the Game Developers’ Conference! We just got the news that “Rock Band” is coming back, the Steam store is now selling hardware like new controllers and “Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor” just won best game at GDC. Check out the news below!

“Rock Band” is Back!

Remember the days of hanging with your friends, arguing about who was signing and who was playing guitar, bass or drums? Well, those days are back! After “Guitar Hero” and “Rock Band” and their multiple sequels left the scene, we may have thought they were gone forever. Now we’ve learned that Harmonix, the company that put them out is going to revive “Rock Band!” It’s been five years since the last version, but “Rock Band 4” is officially hitting the market.

According to the report, this version will be more streamlined than earlier ones. "There is an existing gameplay core that is very powerful and very fun, and we don't want to tamper with that core. At the same time, we need to bring something new to the experience," Harmonix co-founder and chief creative officer Alex Rigopulos said.

Brand new guitars available for Rock Band 4Brand new guitars available for Rock Band 4Courtesy of Harmonix

Here are three things you need to know. All your earlier instruments will work with this game, though you can buy newer ones. Your downloaded games will carry over to the new version and we’re getting all new hardware. “Rock Band 4” will hit the market in 2016 for PS4 and Xbox One.


Steam Store is Selling Hardware Now

How many hours have you spent playing games on Steam? Well, now you can add shopping for electronic goodies to those hours. Well, soon, at least. The Steam store now has pages where you can purchase the Steam Controller, Steam Link and a bunch of Steam Machines, including items from Alienware, Asus and others. They’re a little pricey, so save that allowance.

New hardware from the Steam storeNew hardware from the Steam storeCourtesy of Steam

“Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor” Wins Game of the Year at GDC Awards

Have you been playing “Shadow of Mordor?” Between the gorgeous graphics, the Uruk who remember you and the insane fighting style, we know you’re probably as obsessed as we are. We know this because it just won Game of the Year at the Game Developers Conference Awards. It was up against “Bayonetta 2,” “Destiny,” “Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft” and “Alien Isolation.” We think it deserved the win!

Is Shadow of Mordor the best game of the year?Is Shadow of Mordor the best game of the year?Courtesy of Monolith Productions/Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment

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Are you excited for the new “Rock Band?” Are you saving your pennies for all the goodies from the Steam store? Did “Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor” deserve its best game win? We want to hear from you! Leave your thoughts in the comments!