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Nintendo and Final Fantasy Go Mobile, Baymax in Street Fighter

Mar 20, 2015

There is some pretty great news for mobile gamers this week. Nintendo just announced plans to finally make their classic games available for mobile devices and Final Fantasy XI is getting a smartphone version. In addition, a modder made a pretty cool version of Street Fighter IV. Check out this week’s gaming news!

Nintendo Announces Plans for Mobile Games

Classic Nintendo games MarioZelda and Donkey Kong will now be playable on smart phones and tablets! Nintendo President and CEO Satoru Iwata announced that after years and years of hoping, Nintendo is getting into mobile gaming. The video game company was reluctant in the past, but says they are ready to develop and operate software that will bolster the brand! Now, they haven’t said if these games will be part of the free-to-play model (of if they’ll have a buy-in-game option like Candy Crush), but at the very least, we may get to hear Navi’s “Hey, listen!” without downloading the text noise!

Link and Zelda are heading for your phone!Link and Zelda are heading for your phone!Courtesy of Nintendo

Big Hero 6 Characters in Street Fighter IV

Well, this is pretty cool! A model named Salim skinned Ultra Street Fighter IV and managed to get Baymax and Go Go Tomago from Big Hero 6 into the game! He changed Zangief to the huggable robot and Cammy into the butt-kicking blade Go Go! Woman up! Check out a video clip of Baymax and Go Go fighting it out! Any chance we could get them in the next version of the game?

Look, it’s Baymax!Look, it’s Baymax!Courtesy of Salim

Ultra street fighter 4 PC - Go Go Tomago VS Baymax


Final Fantasy XI is Coming to Your Smartphone

Final Fantasy fans are pretty rabid. This should make them go nuts! Square Enix is giving us a smartphone version of Final Fantasy XI. It's called Final Fantasy XI Mobile. The game is being developed with Nexon and is being described as an "MMMRPG" or "Massively Multiplayer Mobile RPG.” The game will offer solo-play elements, community features and improved party organizing. The game launches in 2016.

Final Fantasy on your phone!Final Fantasy on your phone!Courtesy of Square Enix

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Are you excited to play Nintendo games on your tablet? Finally? Would you like to see Big Hero 6 characters officially hit some games? Are you going to play Final Fantasy on your phone? Let us know what you think in the comments!