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GTA 5 Graphics Update, E3 News and Halo Online

Mar 27, 2015

As we head toward this year’s E3 conference, we’re getting a hint about what’s coming. You also may have noticed a major dip in the quality of the graphics in Grand Theft Auto 5 . Well, that’s going to be fixed, according to Rockstar. We’re also have a new trailer for Halo Online, but it’s going to be really hard to play for a while. Check out this week’s gaming news!


Grand Theft Auto V Graphics Took a Nose Dive, But There is a Fix Coming

Have you guys noticed the crappy graphics in Grand Theft Auto V lately? It’s not your internet and you’re not imagining things! The game has gotten worse after a recent update. Rockstar says it’s aware of the issues and it’s going to get it fixed for you. “We are aware of some graphical issues on the Xbox One and PS4 versions of GTAV after the most recent Title Update, and we are investigating a fix now,” they said. Wouldn’t it be great if things just worked?

You might have to move to Russia to play!You might have to move to Russia to play!Courtesy of 343

This Year’s E3 Is the Most Anticipated In Years!

E3, the massive video game expo that takes place in Los Angeles, California each year is always a draw for game fans. (Only industry insiders are allowed to go, but the news hits the web pretty fast.) This year is likely the most anticipated in a very long time. Bethesda is holding their own press conference this time around and will likely announce Elder Scrolls Online in a new free-to-play model. Microsoft will be showing us Ori and the Blind Forest and the announcement of a new Gears of War is expected. EA will likely talk about Mass Effect 4 and Ubisoft might actually give their games more time in development. Sony might tell us about a new God of War or a remake of the trilogy in HD and Nintendo … well, we might see some Starfox and maybe some gameplay footage from the upcoming Legend of Zelda!

What game you looking forward to most?What game you looking forward to most?Courtesy of E3

Halo Online Trailer

This week we got a trailer for Halo Online, but there are some issues for the average player. Here’s what we know. The game is exclusive to PC and for now is only available in Russia. No, really. The game is free-to-play, though the plane ticket might cost you a pretty penny. The trailer shows what appears to be a remake of the Halo 2  map Turf, which is pretty cool. Fingers crossed that the game will cross the ocean soon!

Your GTA 5 graphics are about to get fixed!Your GTA 5 graphics are about to get fixed!Courtesy of Rockstar

Halo Online Announce Trailer


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Have you noticed the terrible graphics in Grand Theft Auto 5? What are you excited to hear about from this year’s E3? Anyone planning to head to Russia to check out the latest Halo Online? Let us know your thoughts below.