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Splatoon – Welcome to Inkopolis

May 04, 2014

Nintendo’s newest game, Splatoon, is now available on Wii U. We are counting down the weeks until the launch with weekly Splatoon giveaways and a steady stream of game tips and info on some of the wacky characters, weapons and game modes! Make sure to check back each week to learn more about Splatoon and enter the contests.

This week is all about the world of Splatoon. Meet some of the characters you’ll encounter in Inkopolis and a few of the game modes available in the game.

Welcome to Inkopolis:

Meet the Inklings, the squid-like residents of Inkopolis have a passion for colour-flinging, ink-slinging, turf-splattering battles.

InklingsInklingsCourtesy of Nintendo

Inkopolis Plaza: See and be seen in this bustling city center. It's the place to hang out, gear up, and of course, join the hottest sport in town: Turf War battles!

Inkopolis PlazaInkopolis PlazaCourtesy of Nintendo

Turf War Battles: Head to Inkopolis Tower (the really tall one) and choose Regular Battle to get started. Playing in the online 4 vs 4 Turf War lets you level up and earn in-game coins for new gear! You’ve got 3 minutes to cover the most territory with your team. You can take out enemies along with way, but winning is all about who has claimed the most turf.

Turf WarTurf WarCourtesy of Nintendo

Meet Judd, the judge of the Turf Wars. Judd was born with the incredible ability to judge turf area at a glance to separate the winners from the losers.

JuddJuddCourtesy of Nintendo

Octo Valley: In single player mode, use your smarts and squid powers to save the Great Zapfish from the evil Octarian army!

Octo ValleyOcto ValleyCourtesy of Nintendo

Meet Cap’n Cuttlefish, a decorated hero who fought in the Great Turf Wars of legend between the Inklings and Octarians. He now keeps solemn vigil over Octo Valley, watching for any fishy behavior.

Cap’n CuttlefishCap’n CuttlefishCourtesy of Nintendo

Shrimp Kicks: They say this shop will always find that one special pair of kicks that's right for you.

Meet Crusty Sean, the owner of Shrimp Kicks. He’s got a mean shoe game and plenty of feet that he uses to model all of the hottest new styles.

Crusty SeanCrusty SeanCourtesy of Nintendo

amiibo – Splatoon Series 3-Packamiibo – Splatoon Series 3-PackCourtesy of Nintendo

Learn more about Splatoon here!

Splatoon Wii U Video GameSplatoon Wii U Video GameCourtesy of Nintendo

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