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Splatoon – Meet the Octarian Army

May 19, 2014

Nintendo’s newest franchise, Splatoon, is now available on Wii U. We are counting down the weeks until the launch with weekly Splatoon giveaways and a steady stream of game tips and info on some of the wacky characters, weapons and game modes!

This week is all about the enemies and maps!


  • Octoling: Octolings can appear in pairs or even larger teams from time to time.

OctolingsOctolingsCourtesy of Nintendo
  • Octotrooper: Foot soldiers of the Octarian army. They seem to come in a variety of types, from hovercraft-riding attackers to sentries who guard specific spots!

OctotrooperOctotrooperCourtesy of Nintendo
  • Shielded Octotrooper: Octotrooper with a shield! These suckers will block any attacks from the front. Hide out for a bit and then attack from behind, or maybe try and distract them with something

Shielded OctotrooperShielded OctotrooperCourtesy of Nintendo

Stay on your tentacles; these aren’t all the enemies you’ll encounter in Splatoon.


  • Saltpray Rig: A dangerous stage known for the large chasm between its high and low areas. Both teams will surely attempt to claim the large area on top to earn a victory from above!

Saltspray RigSaltspray RigCourtesy of Nintendo

Saltspray RigSaltspray RigCourtesy of Nintendo

Saltspray RigSaltspray RigCourtesy of Nintendo
  • Walleye Warehouse: A close-quarters map where teams will be locked in a tug-of-war on two sides of a series of obstacles.

Walleye WarehouseWalleye WarehouseCourtesy of Nintendo

Walleye WarehouseWalleye WarehouseCourtesy of Nintendo

Check out the Splatoon amiibo! Get bonus content with each of the Inkling amiibo! Tap a Splatoon-series amiibo figure to y our Wii U GamePad controller then complete the challenges to access exclusive gear for your inkling.

amiibo – Splatoon Series 3-Packamiibo – Splatoon Series 3-PackCourtesy of Nintendo

Learn more about Splatoon here!

Splatoon Wii U Video GameSplatoon Wii U Video GameCourtesy of Nintendo

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