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Yoshi's Woolly World Hands-On Impressions

Jun 18, 2015

Kidzworld went hands-on with Yoshi's Woolly World at E3 2015 and this is Nintendo doing what Nintendo does best with the world of Yoshi colliding with yarn to create spectacular results.

This latest Yoshi adventure is gorgeous, mechanically tight and absolutely charming.

Yoshi's Woolly World E3 2015 Trailer


Lovingly Crafted

Right off the bat, the moment you take control of Yoshi, the painstaking love and care Nintendo puts into their products is evident - Yoshi's Woolly World is gorgeous. The bright color palette and layered scrolling backgrounds are eye catching but then you start to see the little details. The little "fuzzies" springing out from the spools of yarn, the levels squishing under Yoshi's feet and the overall quality of the textures is fantastic. It genuinely looks like a world built from yarn that you have have full control over.

Throw balls of yarn at enemies to tangle them up before jumping on them!Throw balls of yarn at enemies to tangle them up before jumping on them!Courtesy of Nintendo

What's nice about Yoshi's Woolly World is that it has been given two modes of play to suit the players skill level. You can play at a normal difficulty which starts out easy enough but will slowly add challenge by adding more difficult obstacles. Or you can choose to play Mellow Mode, which basically adds a bunch of extra platforms throughout the level in order to simplify the platforming. Mellow Mode is going to be great for parents who are introducing their children to Nintendo games for the first time, or for those older individuals that may be picking up a game controller for the first time.

The gameplay of Yoshi's Woolly World is expectedly tight being a Nintendo platformer. Running, jumping and attacking is as precise as you could ask for and the level design is smart, making you as the player take advantage of the unique wool environments. As an example, I came to a windmill on the first level and the arms of the spin wheel need to be constructed before I could jump on them. To do this you need to collect spools of wool and then throw them at the desired arm and viola! The platform constructs itself before your eyes.

Create new platforms to jump on with yarn!Create new platforms to jump on with yarn!Courtesy of Nintendo

For those that want to get even more out of the game and not rush through the levels, there are secrets to find all over the place and the way in which you find them ties directly into the woolly theme as well. See a little bow tie of yarn springing from the ground? Give it a yank and you'll unravel a part of the world to reveal hidden areas.

And yes, there is Amiibo support which we will talk about soon! But until then, have a look at the new, adorable plush Yoshi Amiibo in the pic below!

The new plush Yoshi Amiibo is ridiculously cute.The new plush Yoshi Amiibo is ridiculously cute.Courtesy of Nintendo

There is a lot more of Yoshi's Woolly World to experience. What we got to play at E3 2015 was just a tiny sample but it was very promising. Stay tuned for Kidzworld's review of Yoshi's Woolly World when the game launches for Nintendo Wii U in the US and Canada, October 16th2015.

Other territories luckily can get their hands on it earlier. June 25th  for Austrailia, June 26th  Europe and July 16th  in Japan (you lucky gamers!)

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