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Just Seconds Apart Band Interview

Jun 23, 2015

Just like their hit song, Just Seconds Apart are "Unbelievable," these teen triplets (Sela, Ari and Alex) love making music, and can't wait find out more about them in their Kidzworld Interview!

Kidzworld: Can you tell us about the name of the band, and how you chose it?

  • Just Seconds Apart: We chose the name because we are triplets born just seconds apart. It's funny because we do things in birth order, (just seconds apart), without even knowing it.

Ari, Sela and Alex make up Just Seconds ApartAri, Sela and Alex make up Just Seconds Apart

Kidzworld: How did you each realize that you wanted to create music?

  • JSA: At 18 months, we took mommy and me music classes with our mom. That evolved into piano lessons when we were three. Then, on our 8th birthday our grandmother took us to the music store to choose whatever instruments we wanted. The rest is history.

Kidzworld: What was the first song you wrote about?

  • JSA: The first song we wrote about was a superhero. It was actually called, "SuperHero." We were eight years old. Wait, actually Ari wrote a piano piece called, “Sante Fe Ski,” when he was three.

Kidzworld: Does music run in the family?

  • JSA: No, other than while our mom was pregnant with us, she listened to a lot of Mozart via headphones. Maybe that rubbed off in the womb!

These guys were literally born...just seconds apart!These guys were literally born...just seconds apart!

Kidzworld: How would you describe your sound?

  • JSA: Our sound is true POP! It's fresh, lively, and makes people smile and dance!

Kidzworld: Who are some of your musical influences?

  • JSA: Backstreet Boys because of their harmonies and they truly connect on stage. Because we are singer songerwriters, and we play instruments, we each have our own favorite artist that have influenced us. For Sela, the drummer, Neil Peart, who is the drummer with the band, Rush, and Ellie Goulding are her influencers. For Ari, the guitarist, he loves John Mayer. And, Alex, the keyboardist, Billy Joel influences him.

Kidzworld: What was the most memorable performance you’ve ever given?

  • JSA: Our most memorable performance/tour was Camplified. It was our very first tour and our first time on the east coast. We spanned six states and the fans and the crew were so energetic and amazing!

Kidzworld: What’s something that most people don’t know about Just Seconds Apart?

  • JSA: What most people don't know about us is that we are triplets. And, that while we're on stage, we feed off each other and the crowd. When we were born, we were really small, 10 pounds combined. Also, Alex can do a headstand!

Kidzworld: Is it ever hard to be in a band with your siblings? Do you ever argue?

  • JSA: Like all siblings, we have our moments. But, a minute later, we get over it.

JSA's single Unbelievable is out nowJSA's single Unbelievable is out now

Kidzworld: Your single “Unbelievable” came out this year, what can we expect from Just Seconds Apart next?

  • JSA: We just finished writing and recording new material in the studio. We are super excited for what is yet to come! FUN FACT you may not know about us: We LOVE sports! We played organized competitive, (VERY competitive) sports starting at age six on the same team. Our dad was the coach and our mom, the team mom. LOVE our parents! Some of the sports included flag football, basketball, baseball, soccer, swim, and tennis! In fact, Sela was our quarterback in flag football. Also, LOVE Disneyland! 

Check out "Unbelievable" by Just Seconds Apart below!


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