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Cheerleading! Thumbs Up or Thumbs Down? - Page 5

Jan 16, 2019

Kidzworld recently did some trash talking about cheerleading. We called cheerleaders stupid and snobby. But a lot of peeps say cheerleading is the bomb and think cheerleaders get a bad rap. Read page 5 of our user feedback.

I think cheerleading is pointless because:
1. Cheerleaders have to keep a special grade average to stay on the squad. Why don't they just get a high grade average and quit cheerleading? It will get them a better job in the future.
2. Where I come from, England, we don't have cheerleaders because we see them as pointless.
3. Cheerleaders aren't there to keep the crowd not bored. The actual game is there to keep the crowd not bored.
4. Cheerleading is NOT a sport. I don't care what you say, it isn't.

Kidz Submit By:

Nickname: murdoc666
Age: 15

Not all cheerleaders are bad! My sisters were cheerleaders and they're the smartest people I know! I may be a boy but some cheerleaders are cool to hang around and some cheerleaders could be snobs but most of them aren't and I respect that! I don't care if people call me stupid but cheerleaders aren't stupid. All they want to do is help the football a team and lift the spirits of the audience!

Kidz Submit By:

Nickname: Sora_the_key_holder
Age: 14

If you ask me, I think cheerleaders are dancers who have gone retarded. Just because they can do stunts doesn't mean anything. The only average grade they have to keep is a C-, and that's easy!!

Kidz Submit By:

Nickname: monkey_girl
Age: 16

I have a close friend from America and she has been here for about a year. She use to be a cheerleader in America and because of that she thinks that she is at the top of the world and people should do what the cheerleaders want them to do!

Kidz Submit By:

Nickname: max_g
Age: 14

I do cheerleading and I don't think cheerleaders are lame or snobish at all. I think it's just in the movies where they show snobby, stupid, and lame ones. The truth about cheerleading is that it takes takes very hard work. When we do stunts we have to lift people and it's not easy doing that. I'll admit that you have to be pretty stong. I think cheerleading is a great, fun, and real sport.

Kidz Submit By:

Nickname: raidergrl2003
Age: 15

I think cheerleaders totaly suck! I mean if you think that cheering is actually a sport you must be on something because a monkey could stand there and wave around those pom-poms and call itself a cheerleader!

Kidz Submit By:

Nickname: BobsBabiGrl08
Age: 15

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