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Cheerleading! Thumbs Up or Thumbs Down? (pg.7)

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Cheerleading! Thumbs Up or Thumbs Down? (pg.7) - Reviewed by Kidzworld on Dec 27, 2006
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Kidzworld recently did some trash talking about cheerleading. We called cheerleaders stupid and snobby. But a lot of peeps say cheerleading is the bomb and think cheerleaders get a bad rap. - Page 7

1 I'm a cheerleader on the Varsity Squad at my high school. Anything is a sport as long as you attend some sort of competition. Like our football cheerleaders are considered a club not a sport because there is no competing. But basketball season cheerleaders are. Because we compete. Cheerleading IS a sport, and IS dangourous and should be carefully considered or we'll beat you up. We're strong you know, throwing people around all the time.
Kidz Submit By:
Nickname: psychokitkat
Age: 16

1I think cheerleading is a sport totally. There is nothing about it that ISN'T a sport. And everybody that says it isn't says it's not cause they have never been to at least one of my practices. We don't just sit around and act like dits. We work hard. I have a teacher that gives me a hard time about being a cheerleader and says it isn't a sport. Well, if any of you have a teacher like that then I know how it feels and it's time to stop letting him say stuff like that without you saying something too. Tell them if it's on ESPN it's a sport and if you have to print the article about it being more dangerous then football because it can be. If they still don't stop then you just gotta argue back that's what I do. But to everybody that says cheerleading isn't a sport, you ain't got no room to talk, so I suggest you shut your mouth cause I'm tired of hearing it!
Kidz Submit By:
Nickname: Bballcheer03
Age: 14

1 Cheerleaders are said to be "stuck up". Some of us are, then again I know plenty of people who are stuck up and aren't cheerleaders. People have extreme misconceptions about us. We work our butts off at six practices and strive to be perfect and for what?! To get called stuck up. Is that right?
Kidz Submit By:
Nickname: blondie13281
Age: 14

1Excuse Me! Whoever wrote this should check their resources over again. So, you think cheerleading is Lame! Oh please! Cheerleading isn't just go team go! It's about team work, strength, flexiblity, and endurance. You try doing extreme yumbling like roundoff, back handspring, back tuck. And stunting isn't airheads picking each other up and falling on their heads! Cheerleaders are trained to do stunts and with lots of practice their don't fall. And snobs must the time don't make the team and call the ones that made it snobs. So, never call a cheerleader without noing the facts. This is probably want others cheerleaders would say besides me!
Kidz Submit By:
Nickname: caywoodcheer
Age: 14

1I am a cheerleader, and yes, it does take confidence, hard work, guts, and determination - all of which are ingredients to be a great athlete, right? So of course cheerleading is a sport. Cheerleaders do all the things that football players or basketball players are required to do; go to all games, do what it required from you, be a good sport, go through long and hard hours of practice... AND we have to follow by the athletic code and even more... so give us a good reason why we shouldn't be considered a sport, before you discriminate. I have been a cheerleader for two years now, but I have decided to play football next year, and I can already tell you that I was more nervous for trying out for cheerleading than i will ever be at a football game!
Kidz Submit By:
Nickname: arina_ca
Age: 17

1I would really like to know who wrote this article. All of the things you said are very steryotypical. Cheerleaders aren't stupid. I'm probably one of the smartest kids in my school and I'm a cheerleader. It isn't all about games. In fact, most of my squad hates games. It's about competition. It's not as easy as it looks. You try to throw a girl up in the air, or put her up in a full and walk. By the way, most cheerleaders aren't snobby at all. Some are, but not most. Maybe you should watch a couple of the competitions and such before you judge us.
Kidz Submit By:
Nickname: kidsarntalright
Age: 14

1I think that everyone thinks cheerleaders are stupid! Well, guess what. They are not. Cheerleading is a true sport. I cheer for an allstar cheerleading team and we have to keep above a "c" to cheer. We win lots of trophies and we are not little snobs so I dont know why every can't stand CHEERLEADERS. They are really fun to hang out with.
Kidz Submit By:
Nickname: AllstarCheer01
Age: 15

1I do all-star competitive cheerleading and let me tell you... it is A LOT of work. You cannot be a wimp and do it, you have to be strong and have very high endurance. It is definetly a sport because it takes just as much if not more effort as other sports. You are not a prep or a snob if you are a cheerleader. Well some that do it for the popularity are stuck up but other than that it's a hard sport.
Kidz Submit By:
Nickname: smily_grl
Age: 14

1 Hey, I don't know who you think you are... maybe you just want attention but you're so wrong about cheerleading. Here's why:
1. Cheerleading takes dedication, brains, muscles, and talent!
2. Cheerleaders usually hate their uniforms-just to clear that up.
3. Not all cheerlears are snobs, in fact the good ones aren't snobs because they are dedicated. The ones that are snobs are like that as a defense to people like you who make fun of them and constantly critic them. Have you ever been a cheerleader? I'm guessing not. And I'm not defending the snobs but if I had the choice to be a snob or listen to you... I'd be a snob.
4. Stunting... well let's take a look at that. You said that each year thousands of cheerleaders get injured trying to do stunts, well it seems to me that the crowds actually like the stunting aspect of cheerleading the best. Cheerleaders spend time working on these stunts at practice and the only time the girls get hurt is when something goes wrong...JUST LIKE ANY OTHER SPORT!
5. Cheerleaders often cheer "s-c-o-r-e" when the team's on defense as a positive saying for the team to get the ball and score. At least they yell positive things... I bet if you actually went to a football game insted of sitting at home playing a video game that you'd sit there and yell score when the team was on defense just to be "cool" or "original." At least cheerleaders don't have to worry about them because the squad forms a group of friends the essentially accept its members dispite their diversity. bet you never thought of that! And yes, so you know I am a cheerleader. Now,do I sound like the airhead stereotype you've tried to lable cheerleaders with? No - didn't think so... so cut cheerleaders a break and try to be a little bit more open-minded!
Kidz Submit By:
Nickname: jwcheer04
Age: 17

1I think cheerleading is a sport. I mean you have to be good at it, you have to have a good body, a good voice. Cheerleading it cool, but you can get hurt from it like I did.
Kidz Submit By:
Nickname: crista
Age: 13

1 I think that cheerleading isn't really a sport. It seems like all of the preppy girls are the cheerleaders and they're the ones that get all of the attention. I think that it's time that the soccer players, especially in my school, start getting some attention, because we work really hard.
Kidz Submit By:
Nickname: moonsoccerstar15
Age: 15

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What do you think about cheerleading? your thoughts to Kidzworld.

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