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Cheerleading! Thumbs Up or Thumbs Down? - Page 6

Jan 16, 2019

Kidzworld recently did some trash talking about cheerleading. We called cheerleaders stupid and snobby. But a lot of peeps say cheerleading is the bomb and think cheerleaders get a bad rap. Read page 6 of our user feedback.

I think cheerleaders totally suck! I mean if you think that cheering is actually a sport you must be on something because a monkey could stand there and wave around those pom-poms and call itself a cheerleader!
Kidz Submit By:
Nickname: BobsBabiGrl08
Age: 15

I'll have you know first of all that I am a cheerleader and I happen to have over a 4.0 GPA with honors. Cheerleaders are by no means stupid and are among the most well-behaved and smart girls in the class. It is very hard to make the squad, and I would like to see you attempt a round-off back handspring back tuck, or even a simple toe-touch or pike jump. Cheerleading is not all fun and games children and it's time you learned that.
Kidz Submit By:
Nickname: cheergrl15
Age: 16

I don't know why people don't think cheerleading is a sport. I mean how should they know how much work we have to do anyways unless they were a cheerleader? I don't even know why people dislike cheerleaders so much anyways, it's like we never did anything to anybody? And people need to get things right because I'm obviously not dumb because I have been on the A HONOR ROLL now for years! We are never snobby - I just think people are jealous.
Kidz Submit By:
Nickname: cheerleader462
Age: 16

Cheerleaders have to practice year round to be ready for a comp. I don't think that you should be dissin' cheerleaders. You say that cheerleaders are snobs? Who are you to talk when you sit there and make fun of them? You bust your butt off for hours trying to do what we do and we'll see if you last. My squad practices for 5 hours on saturday, four on sunday and two hours every single weekday. Cheerleaders need to be dedicated and my whole cheerleading squad are nowhere near being snobby.
Kidz Submit By:
Nickname: sassyrockstar2
Age: 15

I am a mascot at a junior high in texas. Our cheerleaders kick butt and I think your article is hanus, racist and very sexist. We would very much appreciate this article being removed. They give scholarships for cheerleading so I think it is considered a sport and something that most people find very hard. Thank you for putting down alot of cheerleaders.
Kidz Submit By:
Nickname: cHeeRgUrL15
Age: 17

I LOVE cheerleading. We are not elite and it is sooo fun because everyone can do the moves! Cheerleaders are not snobby at all. One girl couldn't do it though cause she didn't fit into the clothes we needed for our uniforms (She was way too heavy.) We have fun
Kidz Submit By:
Nickname: ~*cheer_leader*~
Age: 13

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