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Kidzworld Plays Your Super Mario Maker Levels

Oct 20, 2015

Kidzworld wants to play your crazy Super Mario Maker levels! Whether you're a pro or first time builder, we'll play as many as we can and that's not all...

We're also going to live stream the whole thing so you can watch us enjoy or fail miserably as we attempt to conquer your creations!

What sort of level will you build?What sort of level will you build?Courtesy of Nintendo

That's right Kidzworld gamers. Have your latest Super Mario Maker level featured on Kidzworld.com for all to see. Submitting your level is super easy as well. All the information needed is below.

Submitting Your Level

** This is now closed

Deadline for submissions was Friday October, 30th, 2015.

Now remember, your submissions must be your original creations but anything is a go! Will you make a relaxing adventure or test our skills with one of the hardest levels in existence? 

When & Where To Watch The Live Stream

Right here, at Kidzworld! We'll be steaming from our Twitch channel (and possibly YouTube) on Saturday, October 31st. But we'll have the stream embedded here as well to make it even easier to watch while you get ready for Halloween!

  • Saturday October 31st
  • Start: 12 pm PST (3 pm EST)
  • End: 230 pm PST (530 pm EST)

Super Mario Maker Overview


We can't wait to see what you all come up with. Now get working on your levels and make sure to get them submitted by October 30th. Then make sure to come back on Halloween afternoon to watch us play!

Have Your Say!

Do you plan on submitting a level? Let us know in the comments!