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Great Gifts For PlayStation Fans This Holiday

Nov 25, 2015

Looking for one more game to squeeze onto your Christmas list? Or maybe you just can't decide what your brother or sister may like to receive? We've listed just a few great items for PlayStation fans to help get you started.

The holidays are a great time to get some gaming in!The holidays are a great time to get some gaming in!

PlayStation 4 Games

LEGO Dimensions (also on PS3)

14 different franchises rolled into one epic LEGO game. Not only that, but LEGO Dimensions is a "Toys to Life" style game, just like Skylanders! What more needs to be said? A must own for LEGO fans.

The biggest LEGO game yet.The biggest LEGO game yet.Courtesy of Warner Bros. Interactive

Journey Collectors Edition (also on PS3)

Originally released on the PS3, Journey made it's way over to the PS4 this year thanks to an enhanced re-release. Journey is a wonderful, emotional adventure that will stick with you after the credits roll. And as a bonus, this pack also comes with the two other great games, Flower and Flow.

Journey, Flower and Flow all in one great package.Journey, Flower and Flow all in one great package.Courtesy of Sony

Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection

All 3 console Uncharted games upgraded to 1080p and 60 fps with new textures and improved controls to boot. Easily one of the best packages on the PS4 for those action-adventure fans out there. If you haven't played an Uncharted game before, there's no better time to start than now.

Uncharted Collection is a must own for action-adventure fans!Uncharted Collection is a must own for action-adventure fans!Courtesy of Sony

Rocket League

Probably the most addicting game available in the digital PSN store. Rocket League is a fun take on soccer but instead of running on the pitch, you are driving high powered vehicles and maneuvering the ball with swift strikes of the cars bumpers!

The most addicting digital game of the year!The most addicting digital game of the year!Courtesy of Sony

Minecraft: Story Mode (also on PS3)

Minecraft presented in a whole new way. Minecraft: Story Mode is a point-and-click adventure game that sees our heroes wandering the world of Minecraft in search of The Order of The Stone. Solve puzzles, chat with side characters and collect items as your adventure takes you deeper down the rabbit hole.

Minecraft: Story Mode! Also on PS3.Minecraft: Story Mode! Also on PS3.Courtesy of TellTale

Until Dawn

Maybe you're looking for the perfect game for your older brother or sister? Until Dawn is a great place to start. Made in the style of a classic slasher film, you and your friends venture to a cabin for a getaway but are soon followed by a maniacal bad guy, out for your blood. Filled with great scares, good performances and awesome visuals. Until Dawn is the PS4 sleeper hit of the year.

Shopping for an older sibling? Until Dawn is a great choice.Shopping for an older sibling? Until Dawn is a great choice.Courtesy of Sony

PlayStation 4 Accessories

PS Camera

For those that want to Twitch stream and interact more with viewers, the PS Camera is a handy piece of tech to own. Show the world your personality as you destroy your foes in a little Call Of Duty.

Go live on Twitch with the PS Camera!Go live on Twitch with the PS Camera!Courtesy of Sony

PS Gold Wireless Headset

Nothing is better than being totally immersed in your game and a a great headset will help with that immensely. Hear every gun shot, footstep or monster growl, clearer than you ever have.

Be immersed with great sound.Be immersed with great sound.Courtesy of Sony

PS Plus

PS Plus is such a good deal it's impossible not to recommend. With PS Plus subscription, you can play online multiplayer with friends, share game clip recordings and receive free games each and every month. With PS Plus, you would almost never have to actually buy a game. You could just play the free titles every month!

Play online with friends and get free games with a PS Plus subscription.Play online with friends and get free games with a PS Plus subscription.Courtesy of Sony
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